How Young Entrepreneur Brxuch, Born Brauch Owens, Helps Celebrities With Social Media Marketing

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Brxuch

Brands live by reputation. It is what people think and perceives about a brand that makes or breaks its reputation. Similarly, celebrities manage to stick to their brand image by keeping themselves in the public eye for all the right reasons. Social media is one platform that helps businesses and celebrities reach a massive audience for all the attention and admiration they seek to grow.

Social media can be equally risky as it can destroy a reputation with negative comments and hoaxes as quickly as it makes. This is where big brands and celebrities rely on professionals to maintain their positive impact all over social media. Brxuch, born Brauch Owens, is a 19- year old entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia who is saving businesses and celebrities from the dark side of social media by managing their reputation on digital platforms.

Brxuch was fascinated by social media from a very young age. He gradually started exploring the digital space becoming a celebrated social media reputation manager. He has learned the tricks the hard way that can change public perception into reality, the way he wants it to be. Now, Brauch is the official social media manager of big-name celebrities. Brxuch has 104,000 followers on his Instagram account Brauch (@brxuch) himself.

Brauch has been seen with celebrities like Canadian Rapper and songwriter Drake and the effect reflects in his official Instagram account. The account has 76.7 million followers, and the number is increasing every day. Drake is a singer, rapper, and also an actor. A multi-faceted personality like him is bound to grab the attention of many people who share the same passion for music. However, Drake has not faced any serious backlash on social media so far thanks to the skills and expertise of reputation managers like Brauch who is keeping a close eye on all his social media activities. One negative comment or discussion on Drake’s profile could remove the public attention as if it never existed.

Brxuch makes sure that celebrities always stay in the right spotlight on his social media platforms. He knows too well that a single mistake can ruin the career of this celebrated rapper. He can change any narrative, flip it or transform it to keep his client’s reputation rolling in the right direction. At present, Brauch works to build the reputation of globally renowned brands and celebrities. He has mastered the tricks of manipulating social media to grab people’s attention and protect reputations.

According to Brauch, he has just started his journey and there is a lot more for him to explore. The world of social media is constantly changing; one technique may not work multiple times. Brauch consistently works to upgrade his skills to ensure his clients get the most out of social media platforms.

Apart from managing the reputation of A-listed influencers on social media, Brxuch is also an expert at social media marketing. He helps brands to accelerate sales by generating more leads. His endeavors have helped many people realize the true strength of social media platforms. Brxuch aspires to continue his journey on the same track of helping as many people as possible along the way.