Zale Media Brings Exquisite Results To Real Estate, Will Zale Mortgage?

Photo Credit: Organic Clients AgencyFounded by Nathan Zale and based in Miami, Zale Media has established itself as a top-flight agency throughout Miami, the United States as a whole, and arguably, the top agency for real estate agents worldwide. Zale Media caught the market’s eye through their viral Facebook ads that engaged real estate agents seeking to take their careers to new heights. Their campaigns drove traffic to a professional website showcasing a brand and portfolio with several dozen media appearances, in-depth system walkthroughs, and brokerages they have worked with and this is not including an introduction to their best-in-industry team of 30, 100+ video reviews, and a vault of valuable resources for interested visitors to tap into.

Since the success of Zale Media led by Nathan Zale – sometimes known as “Nate Zale”, he has sought to catch the eyes of a new market – Mortgage Brokers. Expanding their horizons, they took their current done-for-you client acquisition system that generates buyer and seller clients for real estate agents, duplicating, tailoring, and refining it for mortgage brokers. This presented an opening for Zale to build a second multi-million dollar agency – Zale Mortgage, that aims to also generate multiple seven-figures in revenue for their clients like its current big brother Zale Media. The money, of course, will likely be put to good purposes like sponsoring the Chicago Association of Realtors and St. Judes Hospital, among other organizations that they are currently engaged with within Zale Media. Their expanding revenue will allow for greater funds to be donated to good causes, creating jobs, and building communities.

It’s hard to put a dent in their confidence entering a new market when they have over 1,000+ active real estate agents enrolled in their current agency. This is especially when they were generating 7 figures in commissions with some clients seeing a rather exquisite $300,000 return.

For our agents reading still living under a rock… winky face,  who don’t know who or what Zale Media is, they’re a professional agency serving real estate agents that created “The Celebrity Agent System” – a 100% Done-For-You advertising system designed to turn you into a celebrity agent. For a one-time fee exclusive of ad spend, they handle your advertising for you across all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google. They literally take the weight of the “where’s the next lead coming from?” off your shoulders. No bueno on the results side? Feel free to click the refund button under their “no results, get your money back” policy.  Sounds like a dream? Well, that’s the precise reason they have a customer base that is 1,000+ users strong. They have an endless list of reviews saying that it’s as real as night and day.

The system is designed to produce qualified leads based on various metrics like credit, budget, and timeframe, with a built-in innovative CRM that tracks each buyer with terrifying accuracy until they lock in a deal. Everything is handled by Zale Media; you just have to do the closing. Adding on to that, their best-in-industry team we mentioned earlier provides world-class support, according to happy clients that praise their US-Based Call/Text and Email Support, as well as the additional option for Zoom check-ins. With Nathan Zale being located in Miami, we’ll likely see our Miami brokers on their new system soon, together with several hundred or thousands across the other states in America.

Do you think they’ll repeat their success?

Written In Partnership With Organic Clients Agency