An Active Concept By Baptiste Monnet

Photo Credit: Baptiste Monnet

Written In Partnership With Ascend

Baptiste Monnet is francophone. He is the founder of Boost Mind and also the co-founder of a women’s clothing brand with his partner Billie Joy Beytrison (Founder). Digging deep into his own life experiences, he launched Boost Mind, a concept dedicated to encouraging people to sharpen their minds. To reach more people and make it easier to remember, the brand and concept were created in English, he says. “He dared to open another door”. Monnet believes that when you stimulate the mind, you can take control of your life.

Born in Ang Thong, Thailand, Monnet experienced difficulties at a very young age. He was found on a sidewalk and was later adopted. He arrived in Switzerland at the age of two and a half where he grew up. Despite having a difficult start to life (childhood and adolescence), he was able to pick himself up and with the understanding of how difficult life can get, he decided to be there for people. He was a social educator – coach.

Faced with various failures, rejections, and the vagaries of life, it is not always easy to get back on track. Passionate about adventure and persevering in everything he has undertaken, he has made a choice. He believes that because it is a long process, the mind must be fully equipped to stay on track.

With Boost Mind, Baptiste Monnet encourages all those who choose to be different. Constantly confronted with new things that can be positive or negative, his goal is to empower the mind to compete healthily with ourselves. Boost Mind shares alternative beliefs, ideas, and facts that help change perspective. Boost Mind brings people a different way of looking at life. While experiences may differ, it seeks to put value in the experience of others, while teaching them that they are the best tool they can have. Monnet accompanies anyone who wants to start a business or improve their daily life.

Photo Credit: Baptiste Monnet