Online Shopping Is The Modern Way To Get Exclusive Wine Access

For years, fine wine has been  enjoyed by a select few because access to it was reserved for industry insiders, special networks, and exclusive auctions. Even visiting your local brick-n-mortar wine shop can be a confusing experience—at best—unless the shopkeeper is your guiding friend. 

Thankfully, the rules of wine shopping have shifted due to technological  innovation, with digital natives fully embracing the democratized way of life—including with their wine shopping. To leverage this change, a new platform – Wine Access – was born. Wine Access is a premier online retailer providing oenophiles a gateway to fine wines and sake from top wineries from Napa Valley to Portugal to Japan. 

The question most often asked with a business like this is how do you trust an online retailer selling wines that can sometimes command high prices? The short answer is that nobody knows more about these wines than the people who deal with it daily. In the age of instant gratification, time is a luxury, and many of us find it difficult to visit wineries, taste the wine, adopt it as a favorite, and then look for it in the neighborhood wine shops. If you are seeking a more elevated experience—especially for collectible wines—relying on Wine Access experts to do the search for you is a great  choice to help curate a vinoteca (wine library) of options.

Croix de Labrie is exclusively carried by WineAccess

“At Wine Access, we have a fully credentialed wine team who deeply profiles every wine we offer…and truly helps you understand and appreciate each wine. Our Wine Team is the most credentialed and respected in the business: we have a Master Sommelier, two Master of Wine Candidates, International Wine Judges, and a former wine director of international luxury restaurants. Together, the Team tastes weekly, and every single bottle that we offer has to pass the muster of each person individually,” said Vanessa Conlin, Head of Wine at Wine Access.

From elite Bordeaux wines to Michelin-Star favorites that sommeliers can’t resist, the Napa-based company is dedicated in delivering quality and quantity for a reasonable price. Wine Access’ Wine Club offers six bottles for $150, four times per year, from a selection of  out-of-reach wines exclusively found on their website. Wine Access’ priority is to uncover the best wines in the world by having a team of professional sommeliers to taste over 20,000 wines per year and selecting only the best wine in price and quality. 

“When our Wine Team assesses a wine, we always ask ourselves, ‘Does this wine over-deliver on a price to quality ratio?’ That could be a $20 wine, or a $200+ wine, but a luxurious wine is one that delivers great pleasure at a fair price,” said Conlin.

Through fast delivery and climate-controlled shipping, Wine Access has become a new school purveyor of the traditional wine experience. To help educate consumers and explore a story behind each wine, Wine Access also delivers a collection of shipping inserts that tell the origin stories of each of their selections. 

Larkmead – WineAccess exclusive wine

Photo Credit: Courtesy of WineAccess

Today’s wine consumers are looking for more than just a glass of wine—they want to feel a part of a process, an experience, and maybe even own a little bit of history. Whether it is a limited run sake or a tiny production of Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley,  Wine Access offers a range of beverage experiences. 

Wine Access lets you choose the destination of the wine you want to try—be it Italy, Portugal or Spain— then  offers a curated selection of red and white wines. Some of the most enticing wines recently sold by Wine Access come from Sonoma including its Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast and Classic Vintage Brut from the Russian River Valley. 

Another WineAccess exclusive: Dragonette Radian Vineyard

Photo Credit: Courtesy of WineAccess

“The most exclusive wines are typically offered for 72 hours or until they sell out, so signing up for our emails is the best way to get our most exclusive wines,” said Conlin.

Within the store today, Wine Access has exclusives on:


Dragonette Radian Vineyard

Croix de Labrie



Joining a wine club is worth the investment for those looking to elevate their wine knowledge with top-notch drinks. Wine can be complicated, and understanding the different types of grapes comes with a major time commitment.  Online shopping for wine is a modern way of discovering the best tastes around the world. No longer do you need to rely on mainstream production when you can taste the quality of Napa Valley and other regions worldwide. Once delivered, all you need to do is pull the cork and be transported to grape land.

Additional reporting by Jannely Espinal Fernandez