7 Luxurious Experiences You Can Only Get At These NYC Spas

There is always a good reason to treat yourself. The city has so many options for lush ways to get some of that much needed ‘me time,’ but the ultimate oasis is always at the spa. We took an inside look at the best experiences New York’s top spas have to offer. Here is your much needed guide to the ultimate ‘treat yourself’ treatments.

For a Refined and Peaceful Experience
A Jade Stone Facial at the Mandarin Oriental Spa:

VIP Spa Suite at the Mandarin Oriental Spa
VIP Spa Suite at the Mandarin Oriental Spa

35 floors into the New York skyline sits a beautiful urban oasis. The Mandarin Oriental Spa is a tranquil haven in the middle of Manhattan. Transcend from the hustle of city life into their peaceful place for the ultimate ‘me time.’ Every detail is curated to soothe and center you. Their relaxation room, Thai Yoga Suite, Oriental Tea Lounge, vitality pool and amethyst crystal steam room are truly blissful amenities to enjoy before or after your treatment. This spa stays so true to their Oriental roots, all set against the beautiful backdrop of New York City’s skyline.

The Jade Stone Facial is one of the most intricate treatments at the Mandarin Oriental Spa. This unique and rare Jade stone was designed and patented especially for this experience; and what an experience it is! The facial is comprised of gentle and smooth manipulations of the stone on the face and neck, which will re-sculpt the area’s contours, instantly maximizing tone, texture and skin radiance. It is easily the most relaxing facial in the city, and you’re face will instantly look more defined. Fall asleep and wake up 90 minutes later with a fresh faced and rejuvenated look.
60th Street West 60th Street, The Shops at Columbus Circle, 80 Columbus Cir

For a Customizable Speakeasy Experience
A Tailored Massage at The Le Parker Meridien Moonshine Spa:


Through a side door and a few floors underground you will come across the Moonshine Spa. What’s extra special about this speakeasy experience is that it’s totally customizable. Upon entering you will be greeted by a receptionist who will hand you a unique form to fill out. On this form is a body map, which allows you to specify which areas you want to target specifically. This massage is about you, and what you want.

Slip into your robe and take a few moments to sit back in their relaxation room. The room has a rustic, vintage feel that perfectly compliments the spa. During your time here, make sure to take advantage of the delicious snacks, orange-strawberry infused spa water, and ridiculously comfy couches. After you’ve made yourself comfortable it’s time for your massage. Your therapist will make sure to focus on your specified needs, and then go above and beyond. They are very perceptive, if they notice you have a tight area they will make sure to use hot stones to loosen you up. Over all it’s exactly what you need, when you know exactly what you need.
119 W 56th St

For An Interactive Experience
Elixirs of Life at the Cornelia Spa at The Surrey:

Cornelia Spa
Cornelia Spa

Situated in The Surrey hotel is the posh Cornelia Spa. This spa is all about the business of treating yourself, in the most luxurious way possible. As you enter Cornelia you instantly feel more tranquil. The décor and ambiance are pure, modern and simplistic, a beautiful contrast from the concrete jungle outside. Don’t miss out on their signature lemon drizzle cookies while you wait.

The Elixirs of Life treatment is so many wonderful things. Walk into the stunning spa suite and begin your experience with a spoonful of Cornelia brand honey. Off to a good start, continue to the next phase where you will encounter your first elixir, water. You will have a plentiful 30-minutes to bathe in Cornelia’s Signature Citrus and Rose petal bath. While you soak your relaxed self you may opt to sip on a flute-full of Prosecco L’Orange, complete with a splash of Grand Marnier, Cornelia’s second elixir of life. Spend the rest of this time submerged in a beautiful mix of marine milk blended with a bouquet of herbal tea, rose petals, and ginger infused bubbles. After you’re feeling warm and at ease, it is time for your unique massage. Using a variety of techniques, your massage therapist responds to your body’s needs. Expect to have your knots released, muscles stretched and mind cleared. It’s heaven on earth.
20 E 76th St

For an Immersive Experience
Bodylicious Slimming Escape at Oasis Day Spa

Oasis Day Spa Relaxation Room
Oasis Day Spa Relaxation Room

The Oasis Day Spa truly has something for everyone. Their therapists and facilities provide you with what might be the most eclectic list of services in the city. Even before you select your treatment, make sure to revel in their lux amenities. Saunas, a plush relaxation room, and hot showers are all at your disposal here.

You have probably never tried anything like their Bodylicious Slimming Escape before. Lay yourself down and get ready for phase one; the detoxifying coffee scrub. Using fresh coffee beans from Colombia, this scrub will exfoliate using a blend of brown sugar and milk. Once your body is covered in Colombian coffee, get ready for a warm rain shower. As you relax on the massage bed a beautiful stream of warm water washes the coffee off of your newly rejuvenated skin. Next comes the stimulating seaweed peppermint wrap. This portion of the treatment is sure to rid you off that unwanted cellulite and literally melt away stress. You will be immersed in this wrap for a warm 20 minutes. Once you emerge, you will never feel the same again. It will leave you feeling hydrated, slim and totally fresh.
1 Park Ave

For An All-Inclusive Experience
The Amenities at Premier 57

The Gold Suite at Premier 57
The Gold Suite at Premier 57

There is so much to say about Premier 57. The amenities they offer are seemingly endless, and it is pretty much perfection. They even have six different sauna options in their impressive ‘Sauna Valley.’ Our haute favorite of course is the Gold Sauna, which draws inspiration from the Ancient Romans who used gold for medicinal and beauty powers. However before you even get to the sauna, make sure you spend some time soaking in one of their secluded stone tubs, having a nice long steam, enjoying their Korean body scrub area, or all of the above.

The Premier 57 brand draws much inspiration from their Korean roots, and this is evident throughout their spa castle of awesome amenities. On the top floor of the spa (rooftop facilities to open soon) you will find their Bade pools. These are Premier’s exclusive hydrotherapy facilities designed uniquely to host different systems of aqua-jet nozzles and tubs that focus on “healing through water.” The spa also of course includes services for facials, massages, body treatments and reflexology. Here you will also find a nap room and foot massage stations. So if you are looking to spend the day treating yourself in every kind of way, your one stop shop is the luxurious Premier 57.
8th Floor, 115 E 57th St

For a Romantic Experience
A Day At Aire Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Baths
Aire Ancient Baths

If you’re in a romantic mood whether you are single or two, Aire Ancient Baths is the move for you. This sensual and warm experience is an underground oasis of beautiful water treatments. The candle-lit ambiance and different bathing options provides for a totally relaxing and intimate occasion. From hot baths, cold baths, a steam room, Propeller-Jet Bath and the Flotarium; there are plenty of opportunities to sit and soak away your stress.
You of course have the option to just use the amenities (which trust us is reason enough to go), but you might also try some of their amazing spa services. Their Red Wine Ritual and Olive Oil Ritual are infamous for their relaxation effects. Make sure to treat yourself, or your pair, to an illustrious experience at Aire Ancient Baths.
88 Franklin St

For A Sensory Experience
Zanzibar at the Spa Nalai 

Pool at the Nalai Spa
Pool at the Nalai Spa

A 13,000 square foot sanctuary known as Spa Nalai is one of the grandest ways to treat yourself in the city. Nalai itself means serenity, a theme that is made evident throughout the sun-soaked spa. Here you will find cutting edge healing technologies, advanced beauty rituals, and ancient healing techniques that create a deeply personalized experience.

The “Zanzibar – A Retreat for the Senses” treatment is one of the finest at Nalai. Starting on November 1st, you can select a citrus or spice exfoliation, followed by a eucalyptus steam shower infused with a handmade herbal poultice. The treatment is then followed with a full body massage using ISUN Revitalizing massage oil that specifically are used to soothe sore muscles. So next time you’re in the market to treat yourself, check out the situation at Nalai.
153 W 57th St