Haute Toys: The $8 Million Gold iPad 2 by Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes, founder of Goldstriker International, has a knack for turning everyday electronics and gadgets into spectacular, and still useful, works of art. His latest take on a well-known device that has everyone talking is the Gold iPad 2 History Edition. This diamond encrusted, solid gold, and historically significant object boasts a hefty price tag close to $8 million, with only two that are available to buy anywhere in the world. There are 12.5 carats of ‘I’F’ diamonds encrusted in the 24-carat solid gold backing, with 53 individually set gems that make up the Apple logo, weighing in at almost 4.5 pounds.

Although an iPad made up of diamonds and gold is certainly impressive, it is the stunning material on the main front frame that explains why this is known as the “History” edition. Ammolite, the oldest stone in the world, dating back 75 million years forms the frame, delicately interwoven with shavings of a T-Rex Dinosaur’s thighbone, dating back 65 million years. The combination of these two rare substances results in a bright and colorful marbling effect that is complemented by a single 8.5-carat Flawless diamond surrounded by twelve outer Flawless diamonds located to the side of the screen.

Not to be outdone, Stuart Hughes has also crafted an iphone 4 History Edition with a backing that is comprised of a 65-million-year old T-Rex tooth shaving mixed with meteoric stone for anyone interested in a gadget that is still rich in history for a lesser price of approximately $65,000. With materials dating back millions of years, anyone who is lucky enough to take home one of these limited edition devices can rest assured that they will no doubt stand the test of time.

[Source: Lussorian]