Haute Yachts: Tiger Woods Puts Mega-Yacht on the Market

Tiger Woods mega-yacht for sale- Tiger Woods selling Mega Yacht

After a hard years work of battling the media attention that pries into their personal lives, you would think that any high-profile celeb would be dying to get back to their yacht and soak up the sun on a newly renovated deck. Well, not Tiger Woods. Instead, Woods is trying to find a way in which he could share this luxury by putting his well kept yacht, Privacy, on the market before this year is up.

Originally purchased for $20 million, the 155-footer was suppose to be a wedding present for his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, when they were married in 2004. But since the scandals, Nordegren no longer wishes to keep Privacy. Because of the memories? Actually, no. It was because she found the upkeep was far too expensive–even for Woods! Every year, Woods dished out $2 million dollars just to maintain the beauty and majesty of the yacht, sending it to Fort Lauderdale in the fall for a nice “face-lift” (if you would call a face-lift repainting the hull, and resurfacing the deck to perfection.) It’s going to be a difficult task replacing such a good owner.

Tiger Woods mega yacht for sale

Tiger Woods hopes to find a broker who will list the yacht for $25 million, just $5 million more than its original cost. But although the yacht’s exquisiteness should be able to bring anybody to the docks, “mega-yacht” builder, John Staluppi, has his doubts, believing that Woods is suffering from minor delusions of grandeur. But like any other professional athlete, Tiger Woods is relentless and is still pursuing the price he feels he deserves. Besides, who wouldn’t want to brag that they’ve got Tiger’s yacht?

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mega yacht for sale by Tiger Woods- photos of Tiger Woods Yacht for sale

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