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Los Angeles

Rotating D’Angelo House Hits the Market

Over the years, the Beatles have had the pleasure to party in many houses in the city, but this is by far the house that has the momentum of the Beatles lingering even until this day. The 857 square-foot rotating D’Angelo House is very small compared to most luxury houses, but very large in its lore of the legendary band, who, back in 1965 spent time in the home while on tour in Los Angeles. Read More

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Haute 100 Update: Quincy Jones, Brad Pitt, Henry Segerstrom and more

Our annual Haute 100 list is a compilation of the most influential individuals in business, technology, fashion and other top industries. We don’t have to search far to find the 100 most intriguing and successful people in LOS ANGELES, but it can be quite a task to keep up with them. As such, a yearly update simply isn’t enough. Read More