located in the trendy Kuzneckiy district, is one of Moscow’s most famous concept stores. The boutique carries the beautiful wares of well-known designer brands such as Balenciaga and Nina Ricca, but it also carries the best up-and-coming lines. Here you will find the over the top couture pieces made by socialite-cum-designer UlyanaSergeenko, whose famous patronage of the classical couture houses shines through her own work. Read More


pronouncedGoomis Moscow’s most upscale shopping destination, having been transformed from its origin as the city’s State Department Store during the Soviet era. These shops house the most desirable Western luxury brands including Hermes. Read More

Mandara Spa

A beautifully authentic destination to sit back and relax. The decor incorporates the calming aesthetic of nature, with pendant lights made of twigs and black lava stepping stones evoking another world. Indulge in the spa’s Award-winning facials and body treatments from luxury skincare brand Elemis. The Mandara Spa is located in. Read More