Los Angeles

Janis Joplin

The electrifying and brilliant path "Queen of Psychedelic Soul" Janis Joplin blazed onto history was cut tragically short well before her niece, Malyn Joplin, was ever born. Malyn was only privy to family stories and strangers’ accounts of her aunt’s colorful yet turbulent life. Growing up, Malyn was tormented by an insatiable curiosity surrounding Janis, matched by an internal resentment of having never met her in person. In search of a deeper connection to her aunt, Malyn launched the fashion line Made for Pearl as a creative vehicle on her road of discovery. Each season, Malyn and the team at Made for Pearl sources style inspiration from photographs, personal letters, and family stories that capture the passionate, untamed yet lonely spirit of Janis. Every silhouette, fabric and detail aims to rebuild an authentic image of Janis through a modern, updated homage to her iconic style. For those that are curious, "Pearl" happens to be Janis Joplin's onstage persona, a woman who wore elaborate ensembles with luxe fabrics. Here are this Venice (natch) designer's secrets to the City of Angels. Read More