Haute Rides

Haute Auto of the Week: Mercedes-Benz G550

In honor of summertime trips through the countryside, today we’re taking a look at Mercedes-Benz’s newest G-Class, the automaker’s iconic luxury off-road vehicle. Since it was originally conceived in 1979 as a vehicle for tough terrain, the G-Class has undergone an uber-luxe evolution. See more…Read The Full Post

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Haute Yacht of the Week: Lürssen Quattroelle

Lürssen Yachts’ brand new 282’5” Quattroelle is finely designed inside and out by Nuvolari-Lenard Design, boasting a look that’s both sporty and full of elegance. This beauty features six decks, stunning lines, high bow, dark sugar-scoop windows against a clean white superstructure, 12 different wood surfaces,…Read The Full Post

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Audi R8 V-10 Plus Coupe

R8? Undoubtedly a ground-breaking and game-changing car when it was introduced in 2006. Mid-engine V-8, great looking, plenty of power (in the low 400s), terrific handling – what more could you want? “More horses”, said some, to which Audi replied with a powerplant provided by…Read The Full Post

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