Haute Rides

Meet your future Helicopter: Bell FCX

Recently Bell gave us an insight into how the future of the helicopter might look like. The FCX is not only easier to operate, but will also feature a spacious interior and quite a few technical innovations. Meet your future helicopter! Read More

Haute Jet of the Week: Gulfstream IV

Few airplanes share the status which the Gulfstream IV enjoys. When you say private jet, this is the very first image that pops into the head of most people. This is mainly because the plane has been such a success ever since its production started in 1985. Read More

The Hautest Rides Expected at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show has a reputation for being the place where many impressive cars are first being launched. This might have something to do with the number of millionaires in the city, or that it is, especially regarding cars, neutral territory. These are the hottest rides we expect to be present at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show! Read More

Haute Auto of the Week: The New 2017 Porsche Panamera

Within only 8 years did the Panamera become one of the pillars of the Porsche line-up. Porsche performance with ample room for the entire family seems to be too good to pass up for many, and this is especially true with the new 2017 models, which just arrived at the dealers. Read More

Haute Auto of the Week: Ferrari 488 GTB

With the introduction of the 488 GTB Ferrari entered a new era: for the very first time, their V8-model is fitted with a turbo. Just as Porsche now equips all 911-engines with a turbo, Ferrari goes into the same direction. They did this the Ferrari way, by creating one of the most advanced V8 turbo engines currently available. No wonder that this engine not only won in its category but also took home the overall prize for best engine at the 2016 Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. Read More