Haute Rides

Haute Yacht of the Week: Pershing 92

Powerboat or luxury yacht? It is hard to divide the two as the Pershing 92 is the perfect marriage of them both. Sleek, powerful lines make the boat cut through the water like a warm knife through butter, while at the same time offering more than enough space to live, enjoy and entertain. Read More

Five of the Most Expensive Business Helicopters

When it comes from point to point transportation, helicopters still rule. Especially in most larger cities, and from and to major airports, they can get you there must faster than a car ever will. We checked out five of the most expensive business helicopters available on the commercial market! Read More

2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso: The Ultimate Gran Tourer

There are three types of cars that Ferrari does not make: four-door sedans, suvs, and station wagons. Instead, they make the GTC4Lusso, which is simply the best bit of each one of them, wrapped in a seductive bodywork as only the masters of Maranello can make it. Read More

Tech Toys: The Technically Most Advanced Cars

Does technology take the fun out of driving of does it put more in it? In most cases, the technology compromises the enjoyment of actually driving the car. Fortunately, some brands know how to apply the technology in a much more dynamic and enticing way, even though many don't use petrol anymore! Read More

Wajer 55: Smaller Size Superyacht Innovation

The entire design of the Wajer 55 is based on getting as much out of your leisure time as possible. With a length of 55 feet, it is a modest yacht, yet there also lies its strength, especially since it combines this with a few features more common on superyachts. Read More

Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet: The World’s Most Expensive SUV

When Mercedes relaunched Maybach for the second time they did it right. Not anymore a separate brand, but now a label to be carried by only the most expensive and luxurious models the brand has to offer. Mercedes recently added the G650 Landaulet to the Maybach line-up, which just happens also to be the most expensive SUV in the world. Read More