Haute Jet of the Week

Haute Jet of the Week: Gulfstream IV

Few airplanes share the status which the Gulfstream IV enjoys. When you say private jet, this is the very first image that pops into the head of most people. This is mainly because the plane has been such a success ever since its production started in 1985. Read More

SF: Why Cobalt’s New Private Aircraft Will Change The Aviation Game

Once again, our San Francisco Bay Area is showing how it has some of the most innovative people on the planet. Cobalt, the premier manufacturer of design-centric private aircrafts, celebrated the launch of its Co50 Valkyrie single engine piston private aircraft at Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco. Cobalt Founder and CEO David Loury welcomed guests, who enjoyed hor d’oeuvres, sipped champagne and toasted to the future of private air travel. Read More

Why We Love Flexjet’s Haute Gulfstream G450

Step aboard Flexjet's version of the Gulfstream G450 and we'll understand if you have a hard time believing you're on an aircraft that is part of a fleet available to fractional fliers. That was our impression too. This flying lounge is so luxurious you'll swear you're on a high-roller's personal aircraft. Read More

Magellan Jets: The 10-Hour Demo Jet Card Lets You Have The Perfect Summer Fling

Now that your company has gone public, you're ballin' but still not to the point where you're ready for your own private jet. However, a jet membership is within your means. Now's the time to check out Magellan Jets, which for a limited time is offering a 10 Hour Demo Jet Card that lets you have the perfect summer fling while receiving access to the many benefits of a Magellan Jets membership. Read More