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$5.85 Million for Breakfast at Tiffany’s Townhouse

The four-story townhouse where Holly Golightly lived in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 50 years ago is now on the market for $5.85 million, the Times reports. The townhouse has changed a bit from that time. However, in 2008 Peter Bacanovic, a management consultant and former Merrill Lynch broker purchased the home for $1.88. Read More

House Plus Hot Tub Equals Jesse Metcalfe’s Open House Tour

The latest celebrity’s house in Beverly Hills to be placed on the market for sale is actor Jesse Metcalfe’s house. Metcalfe opened his house to a mass of traffic from couples to families. The price the Desperate House Wives star is asking for is $2.2 million, despite the small size of the 2,000 square foot home. Read More

The World’s Most Expensive Beach Apartment Sold for $21.5 Million Dollars

The South Beach condo was sold below its listed price at $21.5 million, less than 5.5 million of the asking price. Despite the low sell, Penthouse A at the Setai South Beach Resort in Miami set a new record for being the most expensive single condo unit to be sold. The South Beach apartment was sold at $3,704 per square foot. A pretty penny for such a luxurious South Beach condo, but despite the cost of the estate, what makes this residence so unique is its amenities. Read More

Alec Baldwin’s New York Apartment has Been Sold

It’s official, Alec Baldwin’s apartment located at Central Park West’s El Dorado has closed. A matter of fact Baldwin has already moved to Devonshire House, downtown, but maybe facing a bit of an issue with neighbors as he stated on Conan “the neighborhood is one big bus depot for drunken young people. Read More

Jay-Z and Beyonce Interested in Ricky Martin’s $12.5 Miami Home

Soon to be parents, Jay-Z and Beyonce have been looking for a cozy mansion for their growing family to enjoy in Miami Beach. According to TMZ, their first stop in Miami was a beachfront property owned by Latin superstar, Ricky Martin. The 9,491-square-foot mansion includes a beautiful pool, ten bathrooms, and seven bedrooms. Read More