5 Haute Spring Day Trips From Las Vegas

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Springtime in Las Vegas is the ideal season to embark on a fun day trip to spend some quality time with Mother Nature before the temperatures get too hot. While most come to Sin City to soak up all the action on The Strip, you can also visit a number of unbelievably beautiful locations that can be explored by taking just a short drive out of town. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite getaways for you that will add some extra adventure to your Vegas getaway.

1 Kayaking Down The Colorado River

While you don’t normally associate Las Vegas with a lazy river ride, you can access the Colorado River with just a short drive out of the city. You will feel like you’re in another world when you’re taking a relaxing kayak ride down the Colorado River, especially during the spring months when there’s always a cool breeze coming off the water. Should you want a guided tour, there are a number of great companies that you can turn to such as Evolution Expeditions Kayaking, who will give you the backstory of these serene surroundings.

2 Mount Charleston

Take a 45 minute drive out of Las Vegas and you will arrive at the highest mountain in both the Spring Mountains and Clark County, Nevada. While most already know about the splendor of Red Rock Canyon, spending a spring day hiking or having a picnic atop Mount Charleston are among the best ways to enjoy nature in Nevada. You can also make a weekend of it by booking in at the charming Mount Charleston Resort.

3 Death Valley National Park

Another short drive from Las Vegas is Death Valley Park, which certainly lives up to its name during the brutal summer months. But this spring things are dramatically different as there is a rare “super bloom” happening where you can see a massive array on vibrant flowers popping up throughout the park. This is due to an abnormal amount of rain that has hit Death Valley this year and chances are there won’t be a “super bloom” like this for quite some time.

4 Joshua Tree National Park

A rich cultural history and surreal geologic wonders add to the mystique that resides in California’s Joshua Tree National Park. Spanning nearly 800,000 acres, the park can be quite unforgiving in the summer heat, but during the spring it’s a different story. In additional to the park, make sure you spend some time to explore the funky town, as there are number of artists and local businesses that you won’t find anywhere else.

5 Zion National Park

You can follow the paths the pioneers of our country first walked when you take a day trip out to Utah’s first national park. Soak in the breath-taking scenery featuring massive sandstone cliffs, as well as Zion’s distinct array of plants and animals. Adventurous hikers tend to flock to Angel’s Landing, which is certainly not for the faint of heart as you will be navigating through some especially narrow passageways high atop the mountain, but there are also plenty of intermediate as well as beginner trails that both showcase the majestic beauty of this national park.
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