Top 5 Meditation Spots in Boston

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It’s time to get your zen on. Whether it’s by signing up for a yoga class or a simply taking time to yourself to meditate, the benefits are endless. Here’s a look at the top five meditation spots around Boston.

1 Greater Boston Zen Center

Greater Boston Zen Center
One of the best ways to learn how to meditate is by signing up for an introductory class on Zen Buddhist meditation practice. The center offers practice periods Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well as Saturday mornings to introduce you to the Zen style of meditation. You will learn specific postures to help you sit comfortably as you meditate.
288 Norfolk Street Cambridge, MA 02139

2 Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston

Shambhala Boston
Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston is based on the fundamental belief that “aspires to awaken kindness, goodness and wisdom within society.” To do that, they offer hour-long sessions on Sunday to learn how to meditate and find contentment in everyday life as well as weekly gatherings on Wednesdays and beginner classes.
646 Brookline Avenue Brookline, MA 02445

3 Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
Insight meditation, better known as Vipassana, focuses on the practice of awareness without judgment. The Buddhist tradition teaches mindful living through sitting and walking meditation. They host a variety of workshops, practice groups, drop-in programs and group retreats.
331 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139

4 Dhammakaya Meditation Center Boston

Dhammakaya Boston
Located just a few minutes south of Boston, Dhammakaya Meditation Center Boston offers Middle Way Meditation, which focuses on achieving present awareness with a higher consciousness. To do this, participants are encouraged to observe experiences while relaxing the mind and body to experience peacefulness.
65 Roberts Street Quincy, MA 02169

5 Boston Meditation Center

Boston Meditation Center
Boston Meditation Center offers lectures with varying levels of mediation taught by founder Woo Myung to help people escape the stresses associated with everyday life. The belief here is that each participant can achieve enlightenment by freeing the mind and liberating your true self to restore the body’s natural flow of energy.
48 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, MA 02474
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