Rachel Zoe Weighs In On 2020 Red Carpet Style

The action-packed season of red carpet fashion is upon us. As Hollywood starlets strut down the biggest step and repeat affairs of the year, we’re eagerly awaiting to see which one of our favorite leading ladies will be voted best dressed and what iconic looks will be making a surprising return. From dramatic jewel tones to exaggerated jumpsuits, Rachel Zoe, one of fashion’s most influential players, is weighing in on this season’s most spectacular dresses that are undeniably glamorous and unfiltered with classic couture.

And as pre-show stakes continue to rise ahead of the upcoming ceremonies, Zoe is equally upping the ante with her soon to be released Spring Box of Style. Expanding into the digital mecca of e-commerce, Zoe is quarterly curating a beauty and accessories box, lending women a glimpse into red carpet showstopping style. Between sultry beauty products you can’t go wrong with to glamorous statement pieces that catch the eye, this LA-based CEO and former stylist is deploying all of the elements of luxury imaginable, making award season fashion universal for all.

Amid the 2020 Academy Awards, Haute Living caught up with Zoe to hear her predictions on who’s expected to win big, which daring silhouettes she hopes will be embraced this season and her upcoming Spring Box of Style that will touch women all over the world with a piece of her red carpet expertise.

Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe Weighs In On 2020 Red Carpet Style

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Zoe

HAUTE LIVING:  As we roll into 2020’s red carpet season, what were your favorite looks that were irresistible during the 77th annual Golden Globes pre-show?

RACHEL ZOE: Zoey Deutch was my personal favorite in the custom marigold Fendi jumpsuit. It was unexpected and incredibly modern and glamorous. Also, Kerry Washington in Altuzarra and Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent were a couple of standouts for me. Zoe carries herself with such confidence and grace. She just always gets it right!

HL: As the Academy Awards are upon us, what fashion themes can we expect to see on the step and repeat and what boundaries would you like to see crossed?

RZ: I think we will continue to see a lot of bold colors on the red carpet like pinks, marigold, emerald greens and jewel tones. Also jumpsuits, plunging necklines and exaggerated sleeves. I have seen a return to full big skirts and dresses, most recently on Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes. We went away from them for a while. The Oscars will also bring a lot of couture.

HL: Coined Hollywood’s most prestigious stylist, what are a few red carpet style tips to surviving award season?

RZ: It’s so important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, herbal teas and moisturize. Anything to de-puff! Try to get enough sleep. Don’t go out too hard or late prior to award night. There are so many parties and events leading up to the big night, but the last thing you want to do is ruin award night because you were partying before. And save the best look for the Oscars – the grand finale!

HL: What looks are most flattering for the camera?

RZ: It’s really all about the lighting, so you should check every angle for transparency in regard to natural light as well as a camera flash. You should also be aware of your posture. Stand up straight and make sure your dress is properly positioned when posing for photos.

HL: Is there one iconic look that you would like to see repeated?

RZ: Jennifer Lopez in 2003 wearing vintage Valentino. It was just as iconic on Jackie Kennedy in the ’60s and still so classic today.

HL: You’re expanding your career to e-commerce with the Box of Style. What made you pioneer this company?

RACHEL ZOE: The idea for Box of Style, in general, is that basically my whole career and over the last several years people have said either on my social or in person, ‘I wish you could be in my closet and style me every day!’ And then, the thought behind the box was, how could I touch so many women? How can I style every woman, as many women as possible, in some way? That was the idea behind it. What if every season, I pick my favorite things and put them in the box. It took off. People loved it! The feedback has been incredible. It’s been an amazing experience.

HL: If you could imagine the perfect Box of Style, what would be in it and why? 

RZ: For me, I always want statement pieces. But for our customer, we have a real combination of people who like more simple and people who really like drama. I like to do a hybrid of both. Some of my favorite boxes have definitely been the ones that have a lot of sparkle and glamour in it. I love travel bags and tote bags. I love it when I feel like I’m getting something that I wanted, but maybe didn’t want to buy for myself. I like big things. I like a tote, I like sunglasses. I want a big necklace or a big cuff. And I’m such a beauty product junkie. I get really excited when we have luxe beauty products!

Spring Box of Style
Rachel Zoe Premieres Her Spring Box Of Style

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Zoe

HL: As an accessory connoisseur, what’s your most coveted item passed down from a family member that you absolutely can’t live without?

RZ: I’ve stolen so many things from my mother! I have vintage Chanel bags. I took a diamond necklace from her that I’m never giving back and I wear it all the time. She thinks she’s getting it back but she’s not. I’ve gotten treasures from my mom that I really covet and wear so often.

HL: What was your best dressed moment and worst fashion mistake

RZ: I would say the whole decade of the ’80s was the worst-dressed. Since then, I try not to have worst-dressed situations. Nothing’s impossible. At the end of the day, style is so subjective. There’s no right or wrong with style.

HL: If you could dress anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

RZ: If I had to single out one person, I would say Meghan Markle because I just think she’s incredibly effortlessly cool. I met her before and she was so kind. I love her smile and I think she makes everything look better. She just looks like the happiest person. I would love to dress her. I think it would be really fun!

HL: Building a fashion and lifestyle empire, how has your brand evolved and what direction do you see it going in the future?

RZ: Like anything else, you really do change with the times. I think that our business has changed monumentally over the last five years. There wasn’t e-commerce when I launched my business. I think that was the biggest change and the platform of social media for marketing and keeping your brand out there and strong.