How This New Miami-Based E-Commerce Shopping Community Is Taking Over The World

RELEEZER is a Miami-based e-commerce company with a global reach and international offices, with exclusive celebrity collaborations and collections in development and production stages ready to hit the highly-acclaimed online store. The online shopping destination features new brands while giving established brands a platform in the clouds. The website functions as a full-stop destination for 360-degree services including shipping, warehousing, returns and more.

Nadja Atwal, Chief Communication Officer and VP at  Releezer also points out another unique characteristic of Releezer :”Unlike the usual online shops as we know them that impose a threat to the small store owner, we are not hurting physical businesses, but in fact assist stores in additionally branching out online and through teaming up with us we also increase the variety of their product inventory. So the physical store owner becomes a virtual store owner on top.”

“We have a team dedicated to finding the best, new hot brands – especially those with celebrity appeal or attachment.  As an example: The swimwear market is extremely competitive – some would even call it saturated – so we were stunned to discover that almost 70% of all the bikinis and one-pieces in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue were from Monica Hansen Beachwear and went ‘ we gotta get that brand on board .’. And when a brand wants to collaborate with us closely that brand gets its’ own brand page on our platform which also features their social media and mainstream media news the brand cares about.”
The company has successfully launched offices across the globe, including Germany and Bulgaria, and has started to partner with celebrities, plus presents big fashion house brands like Balmain, Calvin Klein and more, in serving as a consumer’s one-stop-shop for online shopping.
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