Famed Peruvian Restaurant Osaka Brings Vibrant Nikkei Cuisine To Miami

Osaka_Interiors_HighRes-1Photo Credit: Osaka

Miami is the new home of famed Peruvian restaurant, Osaka, serving as the most recent location as it expands to the U.S. for the first time ever. Having received praise for its innovative, fresh Nikkei-style cuisine—which is a combination of Japanese cooking techniques paired with Peruvian flavors and ingredients—owners Diego Herrera and Diego de la Puente have rapidly increased Osaka’s presence throughout the globe, boasting nine restaurants in South America, as well as its newest location in Miami and London soon to follow later this year.

Photo Credit: Osaka

The hot new dining destination is located in Miami’s culinary-rich, Brickell neighborhood, in a gorgeous space inspired by Japanese architecture and Feng Shui, with signature Peruvian accents that elevate the space to pay homage to its past and present culture with materials and textures. Upon entering the restaurant, guests are greeted by a tranquil running waterfall, lush greenery and wooden floors that come together beautifully in the dimly-lit space, transporting its guests to a Japanese-inspired oasis. In the back of the restaurant rests the signature ceviche and Nikkei bar, where guests will indulge in the restaurant’s most-cherished dishes, having front-row access to watch the sushi masters hard at work. There is additional seating throughout the dining room, as well as the beautiful bar area, where guests can enjoy bar bites and picture-perfect libations.

Osaka_Cocktail_SnakeJuice_HighRes-1Photo Credit: Osaka

Of course, the true star of the show at Osaka is the mouth-watering menu, that offers a varying selection of raw, cooked, cold, hot, seafood and meat dishes that allow you to embark on a culinary journey and experience the bold flavors of Nikkei cuisine. The menu starts with Ceviches, leading into Tiraditos & Usuzukuris, Makimono (maki rolls) and Nigiris; followed by Peruvian Izakaya dishes including Hiyashi Zensai (cold appetizers), Yaki Zenzai (hot appetizers); and finally, the main courses—Al Carbon (grilled charcoal dishes) and Tokusen (special selections). All dishes are encouraged to be shared.

Osaka_CevicheOsaka_HighRes-4Photo Credit: Osaka

Ingredients that are prevalent throughout the vibrant menu include quinoa, sweet potatoes, aji amarillo sauce, tobiko, truffle, lemon and lime zest and flavors of citrus pisco that enhance the traditional Japanese dishes to give them another layer of depth and tongue-tantalizing flavor, creating a truly unique and memorable dining experience.

Osaka_Food_Inca_Nigiri_HighRes-7Photo Credit: Osaka

Each plate presented is more colorful and beautiful than the next, starting from fresh, light appetizers to savory and indulgent entrees. Highlights of the vibrant menu include the Kunsei Ceviche with smoked tuna, crispy sweet potato, cilantro and ponzu sauce; Tako Olivo—grilled octopus with botija olive tartare, aji amarillo relish and furikake; or the Carpassion—salmon, passion fruit honey, watercress and crispy strips.

Osaka_Food_Wagyu_Rib_Eye_HighRes-5Photo Credit: Osaka

While maki rolls may not always be the most exciting, Osaka surprises guests with simple yet deliciously complex flavors in their rolls, with the Tuna Tartare Roll shining, created with aromatic herbs, avocado, tobiko and spicy mayo. The nigiris are a must, and we’d suggest opting for the premium Nikkei omakase platter to get the most out of your selections, with a selection of their best fishes presented as sashimi, ceviche, tiradito, maki and nigiri tasting samplers. However, if opting to just try a few, the Tuna Foie and Hotate Truffle are the standouts—the first presented with seared foie gras, Nikkei teriyaki and Maldon salt, while the latter is torched scallop with truffle butter and lime.

Photo Credit: Osaka

The Niku Tartar must not be missed, presented tableside consisting of prime beef, miso cure foie, panca-yaniniku sauce and nori crackers—the perfect balance of rich, fresh ingredients that prime your palette for the rest of the meal. Making your way toward the warm, cooked dishes, the Inca Gyoza is another must-try, with six fried gyoza filled with duck confit, caramelized onions and shiitake, over aji Amarillo sauce.

Osaka_Food_Dessert_HighRes-5Photo Credit: Osaka

To round out the meal, opt for something indulgent to finish off strong, such as the 24. oz bone-in ribeye, Osaka Steak, seasoned with truffle uchucuta, tare criollo and smoked salt; or the Peruvian-inspired Pisco baby back ribs, marinated with a citrus pisco glaze, coriander and cacao nibs. To satisfy your sweet tooth, indulge in Mochi, Cacao Matcha or yuzu-green tea shaved ice for dessert.

Osaka is located in 1300 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite CU3 & CU10, Miami 33131. For reservations: 786 627-4800.