Anatomy Co-Owners Marc Megna And Chris Paciello Talk New Fitness Studio Concept, BLACKOUT

Blackout Anatomy Studio Rendering
Blackout Studio Rendering

Photo Credit: Anatomy

Premier fitness studio Anatomy is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation as it prepares to debut a new fitness studio concept, BLACKOUT by Anatomy, come November. Located on the second-floor of Anatomy Midtown, the concept is poised to be the next-generation group-fitness class experience, which will feature low-impact, high-intensity total-body workout classes. Considered one of the best fitness studios in all of Miami and beloved by athletes, celebrities and more, it’s no surprise that the team has created a first-of-its-kind, cutting-edge concept like this. Starting in November, it will be available for both members and non-members, priced at $35/class. Furthermore, class attendees will also be granted access to the high-end gym‘s recovery and regeneration amenities, including an infrared sauna, hot and cold plunges and eucalyptus steam room.

In light of the exciting news, Haute Living sat down with co-owners Marc Megna and Chris Paciello to find out what exactly BLACKOUT by Anatomy will entail, why it’s unique, details on the state-of-the-art aesthetic and much more.

HL: How did you come up with the idea to launch your first studio concept?

Marc Megna, co-owner and Chief Body Architect: Fitness is ever-evolving and so are we. We love the idea of marrying a boutique studio and a traditional gym. Our concept has always been ‘Sweat, Enhance and Recover,’ all under one roof, and this truly is the next stage in our evolution.

HL: Why did you choose the name BLACKOUT for it?

Chris Paciello, co-owner: An amazing culture and welcoming, positive community is what Anatomy is really known for. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in any gym or studio. When the team was developing the concept for Blackout, we were joking that this is such an intense workout, it’s like the ‘dark side’ of Anatomy, which is what lead us to Blackout. We also love the double entendre. 

Why is it unique?

MM: BLACKOUT is unique because it delivers a high-intensity class with low-impact exercises, driving home the point that low-impact does not mean low results. A lot of people want to get crushed in their workouts. They don’t feel like they’ve gotten a good workout without sweating a ton and unfortunately, some of the movements done in certain HIIT workouts also compromise joint integrity. This workout we’ve developed with BLACKOUT is safe for all fitness levels. It’s low impact and one heck of a workout!

Anatomy Midtown
Anatomy Midtown plunge pool

HL: What can guests expect from these classes?

MM: Guests can expect the same community vibe we are honorably known for, with a bit of a twist. This is definitely the next-generation studio experience, incorporating the Skii Erg, Rower and FitBench. You’ll be able to get your cardio and strength training done all in one class at BLACKOUT.

HL: Why did you create a variety of class time options—30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes? How will a 90-minute class differ from a 30-minute class?

CP: At the end of the day, our offerings are for the members and we want to give them exactly what they want. We recently sent out a survey to get a better understanding of what people are looking for, and in turn, we’ve created a variety of class time options to serve our growing community.

HL: How will the aesthetic contribute to the overall experience?

CP: The sound system and lighting in the Blackout studio will take this fitness experience to the next level, and it’s just so different from what we’ve done in the past. We are always working to embody ‘The Future of Fitness’ and we are truly excited to bring this to our community. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of BLACKOUT!