Anatomy Debuts In Midtown Miami: One-On-One With Chris Paciello And Marc Megna

Anatomy MidtownPhoto Credit: Anatomy

Miami’s beloved Sunset Harbour fitness center, Anatomy, has opened its second location in the heart of Miami’s bustling Midtown neighborhood. The fan-favorite gym is home to locals, visitors and celebrities alike and offers top-tier fitness facilities, classes and amenities in an ultra-luxurious setting. The expansion is an exciting opening for Miami, and Haute Living sat down with co-owners Chris Paciello and Marc Megna for an exclusive interview to find out all about the brand-new Anatomy – Midtown location. Here’s everything you need to know:

HL: Why did you decide to expand the Anatomy brand to Midtown Miami? 

CP: After seeing how Miami Beach residents responded to our concept and quickly became a community within our four walls, we were inspired to bring Anatomy to residents of the mainland. We are excited to expand to the Midtown area and bring our special community to this thriving neighborhood in Miami. We feel confident that our full-service approach to wellness will be a great addition to the area.

HL: How will the two locations differ?

MM: Both locations are special in their own unique way. Miami Beach offers a great outdoor training area, with two floors and many specialty services. Midtown will have an expansive fitness floor loaded with cardio and hand-selected specialty equipment like a Woodway treadmill, two Skierg Indoor Nordic Ski Machines, a platform for Olympic lifting and specialty barbells which can be utilized for people with injuries or those looking to simply train their body differently. We will also have Rogue Concept2 rowers, which will allow for some of our new classes, like our rowing class. Similar to the Miami Beach location, we will also offer a handful of recovery services including VitaSquad and a chiropractor on site.  

Anatomy MidtownPhoto Credit: Anatomy

HL: Describe the space in three words. 

MM: Light-filled, well-equipped and detailed.

HL: What are you most looking forward to debuting with the new space? 

MM: There is so much I am looking forward to debuting. To start, I’m excited to bring our signature fitness and wellness programs that we are already known for, to this new area. In addition to some of our new state-of-the-art equipment, I am also looking forward to debuting some of our new programming, including a rowing class, as well as a boxing class in a brand-new room featuring eight heavy bags. We will also bring an education curriculum to the second floor of this location where fitness professionals will have the opportunity to further their education.

HL: Do you anticipate reaching a totally new clientele with the second location? 

CP: We look forward to offering our specialized approach to wellness to a new area of Miami. Anatomy has been able to build a community of fitness-minded people who all support each other in reaching and exceeding their overall wellness goals. With this new project, we hope to grow the very special Anatomy community.

MM: We are thrilled to welcome more people into the Anatomy community and continue to expand our offerings.  We are looking forward to hearing the feedback of our members which we will use to continue to evolve the Anatomy brand.

HL: Do you see yourselves expanding the brand further throughout Miami or elsewhere?

CP: If the right opportunity comes, expansion is certainly always on our mind, but we are looking to fine-tune what we already have. We could not do this without the support of our local community and for that we are grateful.

Anatomy MidtownPhoto Credit: Anatomy