Milk Bar Pops Up At Joe’s Stone Crab

Calling all dessert connoisseurs! The expert judge in the matters of everything sweet posted up in Miami this past weekend with Milk Bar’s All You Can Eat Treat Tour. Popping up at Joe’s Stone Crab as the last and final stop on Chef Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar tour – including previous pop-ups in Austin, Dallas, Chicago, and Minneapolis – the ultimate pioneer in not your average baked goods brought their wildly groovy and sought after Milk Bar Ice Cream Truck to the beaches offering signature treats such as Cereal Milk Soft Serve with cornflake crunch, Compost Cookies, Milk Bar Pie, and cake truffles as well as limited edition, customizable tour merchandise and cookbooks.

“We’re going big for the last tour stop!” said Kim Deangelo, Milk Bar’s Spokesperson. “We’re really excited to meet our Miami customers and fans, who have been asking us to come to Miami for a while now. We’re bringing all the soft serve, all of the cookies and more.”

Chef Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar Pop's Up At Joe's Stone Crab
Chef Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar Pop’s Up At Joe’s Stone Crab

Photo Credit: Milk Bar

Selectively choosing Joe’s Stone Crab as the stomping ground for Miami’s Milk Bar pop-up location, Deangelo was overjoyed to see old friends and celebrate the tour’s final destination.

“We go there every time we’re in town,” said Deangelo. “When we knew Miami was going to be a tour stop, we knew it just had to be at Joe’s, and luckily, they’re graciously letting us crash their outdoor area!”

Prodigious for out of the box flavor combinations, this colorful ice cream truck followed a playful concert tour theme with special surprises including a limited edition, All You Can Treat Tour Levi’s jean jacket. But the star of show was their classic Cereal Milk Soft Serve.

Milk Bar’s All You Can Eat Treat Tour
Chef Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar Pop’s Up At Joe’s Stone Crab

Photo Credit: Milk Bar

“It will cool you down, and surprise your taste buds with how much the salty sweet flavor mimics the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal,” Deangelo. “Don’t forget to get the Cornflake Crunch topping!”

Featuring a kaleidoscope of ooey gooey treats to choose from, Deangelo suggested Milk Bar fans triple taste them all.

“Most of our products, like cookies and cake truffles, come in a package, so it’s also easy to take things home and stock up in your freezer,” said Deangelo.

And with summer’s final days coming to a close, Milk Bar is already looking to kick off fall with a bang, premiering pumpkin-dulce de leche treats and a special new peanut butter and jelly themed treat launching later this month.