Haute Sweet: Maison Sucre’s Delectable Cupcakes

Delectably moist cupcakes covered in an abundance of elegantly arranged and colorful frosting; it’s hard to resist a beautifully decorated cupcake from Maison Sucre. Recently nominated under the categories of “best dessert” and “best cupcakes and pastries by BBC for the UAE, The bakery features daily baked products defined by incredible taste and originality. Wet your sweet tooth with innovative flavors such as double nutella cupcake; double vanilla cupcake with shreds of white chocolate; 20 flavors of macaroons ranging from matcha green tea to rose and a variety of baked goods such as skinny blueberry muffins as well as freshly brewed coffee from the renowned Italian brand illy.

“Our goal was and is to continuously established Maison Sucre as a trusted neighborhood bakery. So far we’ve received wonderful feedback from our new neighborhood residents and visitors. Part of Maison Sucre’s mission is to ensure that the bakery remains authentic to its concept and true to the overall brand which I think our customers recognize and greatly appreciate,” says Manager of Maison Sucre, Marson Ocampo.

Maison Sucre is owned and operated by a group of business partners who share a love and passion for baking. All the products on the menu are made fresh on the premises each day and use the finest ingredients. The bakery dedicates itself to tradition and quality as well as strives to satisfy loyal customers while also maintaining the integrity of the brand.

Maison Sucre are available for order. You can also find them at Reel Cinemas in Dubai.

Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi

+971 2 639 662é