Sweet Sensations: The Haute 5 Ice Cream Shops in San Diego

What goes better with beaches than ice cream? OK, maybe flip flops, but ice cream is a close second! Here are our Haute 5 ice cream shops in the San Diego area.  Yum!

Mootime Creamery

Surfers and tourists alike flock to this great shop in Coronado for the taste of their legendary and amazing ice cream.  A custom flavor shop that allows you to choose your base, add-ins, and cone flavor, this is the place to stop for a unique bite on your way to the ocean, or on your way tired and sun-soaked afterward.

Mr. Frostie’s in Pacific Beach

To become a legendary ice cream shop you have to have two things:  amazing ice cream and a following. Mr. Frostie’s has both.  Their hand-dipped cones, red-velvet cake batter milkshakes, and ambiance of a beach-side haven of goodies are the driving forces behind this awesome stop by the beach. While they do serve some food, the majority of this crowd heads in for the ice cream.  They don’t boast a massive menu of flavors or extravagant dishes, but what they do serve is the area’s best ice cream.  Ask anyone.

Bottega Italiana

What would a list of ice cream shops be without at least one amazing gelato stop on the map?  Bottega Italiana isn’t your run of the mill gelato shop, it’s the best. The Seattle-based company uses a commitment to health and the best ingredients, creating gelato from in-season fruit, hormone-free ingredients, and a lack of artificial flavorings and colors.  This doesn’t mean anything is lacking in the taste department, though, as this gelato has such a reputation that lines are to be expected if you’re stopping by for a dish of their famous fragola, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Niederfranks Ice Cream Shop

Niederfranks is a mouthful to say and a mouthful of goodness when you visit this shop.  Using the old-fashioned freezers and methods ice cream was originally created by, and shunning modern machinery that blows ice cream up with air, this shop prides itself on the unmatched quality you can get when you use fresh ingredients, slower methods, and a commitment to truly great tasting, old-fashioned ice cream.  Hand-rolled cones and authentic extracts 100% from the natural source mean that this ice cream is going to beat out every other spoonful you find.  Period.

Mariposa Ice Cream

Voted the best homemade ice cream in San Diego on more than one occasion, this list would not be complete without a mention of Mariposa. Located on Adams Avenue, this shop has a reputation for creating some of the best tastes in the entire city. Coming from a fourth generation dairy farmer, the owners at Mariposa know a thing or two about creating incredible homemade ice cream. Using a batch freezer that’s designed to recreate the old-fashioned hand-cranking process, this shop takes authenticity seriously, and it shows in every delicious bite.

This is a great city for all things culinary, the sweets included! Enjoy!