Kimmy Shields On The Upcoming Second Season Of “Insatiable” + What It’s Really Like To Work With Brad Pitt

Kimmy ShieldsPhoto Credit: Gonzo Rey

Kimmy Shields has been making headlines as the uber-relatable best friend of star Debby Ryan, Nonnie, on Netflix series “Insatiable.” The SoCal native who’s been acting since age six(!) discusses the upcoming season of “Insatiable” (which premieres this fall) as well as her new flick starring Brad Pitt, “Ad Astra” as well as past projects such as “Big Little Lies,” Arrested Development” and “G.L.O.W.” We’ve found that Shields is just as cool as her character. Keep reading to find out for yourself!

Kimmy ShieldsPhoto Credit: Gonzo Rey

Tell us about your show, “Insatiable,” and describe your character, Nonnie. Do you identify with her on a personal level?

Insatiable is a wild ride. It is a show full of people with good intentions and terrible execution, starting with a lawyer/beauty pageant coach taking on his toughest case yet: the angry, vengeful Patty Bladell. It is my favorite underdog story. Nonnie is a cool chick. She is creative, smart, funny, and fiercely loyal to her best friend, Patty. She is someone I root hard for. I identify with her search for identity throughout the show, as someone who constantly needs to remind myself of who I am outside of my work.

What was your high school experience like? Does it echo Nonnie’s or Patty’s?

I was a band kid and preoccupied with theater outside of school, so my high school career was spent being exhausted and filling up on animal crackers that I stashed in my locker between classes. I feel like it echoed Nonnie’s experience, because I wasn’t terribly popular but I certainly didn’t suffer the way Patty does. I had my friends in the pocket of the school where the band and drama weirdos hung out and had a great time.

Kimmy ShieldsPhoto Credit: Gonzo Rey

Do you and Debby Ryan hang off-set as well as on? How would you describe your friendship?

Debby is a proper jetsetter, so I try my best to get quality time with her when we’re both in town. Working with her has been such a blessing because of the wisdom and strength she brings to everything. I would hope she agrees with me that our friendship is founded in pure respect of one another and constant championing of each other’s health and joy.

People are obsessed with Nonnie. Why is she so relatable and what do you personally do to make her that way?

I kind of can’t believe the response I’ve gotten surrounding Nonnie. I think there is a purity to her and the way she loves Patty, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what it is that makes her pop to certain people. All I’ve done is try to honor her story as honestly as possible.

Tell us about your role in the upcoming film with Brad Pitt, “Ad Astra.” What was Brad like on set? Did he give you any advice?

If you blink you might miss me, but it’s a quick role of authority that is funny to me because I am not someone I’d trust to be in charge of anything. Brad Pitt is a very kind, very funny man. I didn’t have the time to glean any wisdom from him, but he did fist bump me and say “Hey, you’re pretty good” on my way out, which I will always keep with me.

Kimmy ShieldsPhoto Credit: Gonzo Rey

You also appeared in “Big Little Lies.” Did you really feel the camaraderie among Nicole, Reese, Laura, etc? Can you give us an example?

I spent the most time working opposite Nicole [Kidman], but the love between those women was definitely palpable. I was a year out of college and couldn’t believe I was standing in the same room as all these legendary performers, and to discover that they are as kind to each other as you would hope all successful women would be with one another was very encouraging.

Hugh Jackman’s photo is your Instagram photo. Why? Do you adore him, want to act with him, or feel like you’re like him?

I don’t know if there’s so much a “why” as it just…is. I adore him, I want to work with him, I feel like him because I’m just as buff as he is, I just don’t take my shirt off in public nearly as much.

Where can we see you next?

Season 2 of “Insatiable” and whatever may come after that! I’m just as excited to find out as you are!