Haute Jet of the Week: Cessna Citation X

Slated for debut later this year, the Citation X from aviation leader Cessna isn’t just luxurious- it is the world’s fastest civilian aircraft.


The midsize private jet has been FAA-certified at mach 0.935, which translates to 617 miles per hour. That remarkable speed is credited to twin Rolls-Royce engines that generate a combined 7,034 lbf of thrust.


The Citation X can accommodate up to a dozen passengers in its lavish cabin, which is fully loaded with state-of-the-art technological features- including touchscreen controls and Wi-Fi connectivity- and can be customized with various wood, metal and leather accents for a distinctive look.


Cessna CEO Scott Ernest calls the Citation X “the perfect aircraft for customers wanting to move faster, be more efficient and get where they need to be more quickly than ever before.” The plane will reportedly cost $22.95 million.