Khloé Kardashian & Emma Grede Pioneer An Untouched Space In The Fashion Industry

Renovating the way women shop, Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede are changing the landscape of fashion with their insanely successful brand, Good American. Using their good eyes and taste along with past experiences to inspire, this power duo is redrawing the blueprint of jeans, leggings and dresses with figure-flattering silhouettes that engage, exhilarate and empower.

Pioneering an untouched space in the industry that’s set to steal the scene with an all-inclusive experience, Kardashian and Grede are addressing the untapped issue of women who are ignored in fashion. And with a recently launched collection coined Bosswear, Good American is breaking out with a bold and fresh wardrobe that displays all things confidence with a message of positivity for those in power.

Amid premiering Good American’s first in Florida, Haute Living sat down with Kardashian and Grede to get a glimpse into the story behind the brand, creating a new commentary in the fashion industry, empowering others with body confidence and their top advice for being a boss.

Khloé Kardashian & Emma Grede Premier Figure-Flattering Apparel Line In Miami’s Aventura Mall

Photo Credit: Good American

Haute Living: Tell us the story behind Good American. What made you pioneer this new brand?

Khloé Kardashian: Emma and I started Good American from a conversation we had about what it means to be a confident woman today, as well as my own past experiences with shopping for clothing that fit my body type. Our vision was to address the issue of so many women being ignored in fashion by creating a brand with a focus on inclusivity and empowerment. Good American is different because not many fashion brands can say they are fully inclusive, and we are proud to be a pioneer in that space. We listen to our customers and make it a priority to provide an all-inclusive experience in everything that we do. We are also a benefits brand, meaning that we approach product development with our customers’ needs in mind, blending a fashion-forward aesthetic with a fit-first philosophy.

HL: You recently opened your first store in Florida, located on the second floor of Aventura Mall. Why did you choose Miami as your point of destination?

Emma Grede: We’re really excited to expand our retail presence with a store in such a prime location like the Aventura Mall. We chose to open in Miami because of customer feedback and specific data insights from our direct-to-consumer business. We have a strong customer base in South Florida, and we wanted to meet our customers in person. Aventura is the perfect spot because of its prime location and reputation as the best and biggest shopping mall in Miami.

HL: Good American represents a vast trove of sizes. What narrative do you wish to send to women all over the world about looking good and feeling good?

KK: The biggest message we would like to send to our customers is that every woman should feel sexy and confident, and be able to find clothes that actually fit. We understand that the fashion industry has not always been inclusive, so our goal is to continue spreading a message of positivity and empowerment through our brand.

HL: What challenges did you conquer for those who have trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans

EG: Before starting Good American, it was clear that so many women were ignored by the fashion industry—68-percent of women are a size 16-plus, but most retailers only carry sizes 00-12. We solve the common-fit problems seen in other brands and design to limit gaping, tugging or sagging, ensuring our customers have the perfect figure-flattering fit in every style.

Khloé Kardashian & Emma Grede Premier Figure-Flattering Apparel Line In Miami’s Aventura Mall

Photo Credit: Good American

HL: What are your go-to suggestions for finding the perfect pair of jeans and workout leggings?

KK: I’m always looking for jeans that hug and support me in all the right places. I’m obsessed with the fit of our Good Curve style! The super-high-rise look gives you vintage feels but with the stretch that Good American is known for. It really is a game-changer. There are so many different ways to style them depending on the occasion, so I love the versatility. To me, the biggest difference between Good American’s Performance line is compression and support. I believe that you work out harder when you wear something that makes you feel confident. I usually wear a matching Good American top and legging set.

HL: Throughout the season of holiday glitz, what is your go-to party outfit?

EG: For the holidays, you can never go wrong with a pair of Good American jeans paired with a bodysuit and a leather jacket. I love all our velvet pieces and boss pants in liquid and super shine are perfect for dressing up your holiday look.

HL: Khloé, as a young mother and global figure, what do you want to teach your daughter about women empowerment?

KK: Having True has been a blessing. I’m so thrilled that as she grows up, she will be surrounded by strong, confident women from different backgrounds. I want her to see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

HL: Your reach as an influencer is massive on Instagram, with over 101 million followers. How are you able to navigate social media while instilling a message of body confidence?

KK: As a woman, mother and someone that has been in the entertainment and fashion industries for over 10 years, it’s important to me to do as much as I can to spread values of positivity, especially on Instagram. I try to focus on myself, my business and most importantly, my family.

Khloé Kardashian & Emma Grede Premier Figure-Flattering Apparel Line In Miami’s Aventura Mall

Photo Credit: Good American

HL: This season, you launched the Bosswear collection. Building a fashion empire, what’s your advice for being a boss in the boardroom? And of course, what to wear?

EG: Make confident decisions, always! My husband once told me, “make a decision and move on.” My job is all about making decisions, and you’re going to make good ones and bad ones, but better to make a decision and move on than to procrastinate. That’s the most relevant advice I incorporate into how I approach my business on a day-to-day basis. Our collection of Bosswear features wardrobe essentials for women in power. I absolutely love The Exec Blazer Dress, which is a perfectly tailored look for all holiday events, and I feel like a total boss when I’m wearing it.

HL: Pioneering an untouched space in the fashion industry, where do you plan on expanding next? 

EG: Most recently, in September we expanded to Canada with Hudson Bay and Sport Chek. In the future, we hope to provide more opportunities for our customers to touch, feel and try on the product firsthand. There is more to come!