Haute Living’s Survival Guide to New York Fashion Week




Step right up folks and view the wonders of the fashion-circus otherwise known as New York Fashion week, coming in mid February. You’ll be amazed by the clown fashion that walks the Lincoln Center plaza. And then there is strong-woman— who in tundra-like weather wears summer clothing without so much as a wince. See how she stands so composed and poised for a click from the street fashion paparazzi.

Well that’s one side of the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week but the other side is the working girls — and men of course, who attend on behalf of magazines, retailers, and web sites and need to be prepared. Its a marathon week of uptown/ downtown, up flights of stairs, in freight elevators, at a fancy hotels, or in a smelly night club. And there is the waiting for Uber on the West Side Highway and walking and walking and walking. The winners end the week with over 30 shows and events under their belt and obtain a broad understanding of the NY season. Being organized and prepared is key to a success so I compiled a list of essentials for the frenetic week. You can put your own twist but here are 7 things to help you survive fashion week and a bit of advice too.


fashion show


A comfortable pair of boots or shoes are the first thing I think about. Why?  Because your feet are sitting there in the light of that white runway for all to see. And did I mention there’s lots of walking.  Anna Wintour may have her car waiting at the entrance but your car will likely not arrive on time and if they do, you’ll have to walk to find it. For this reason and because I love footwear, I bit the bullet and purchased a Saint Laurent Chelsea boot. They are worth every penny with a comfortable last for easy walking and refined shape I’m ready to go.

A chic envelope or i-pad zipped case has many uses the first of which is keeping all your invites, cell phone, pen ( yes you need one) note pad and all the show notes you collect along the way. Then you pop it right in your Hermes tote ( ok its really a Botkier tote but they are pretty great too!) and you’re good to go. If you have an evening event just check your tote and bring out the streamlined envelope. Its all you need. This pony-hair leopard case with bright pink trim from Pretty Ballerina, is pure fashion meets function.

Kind bars or any kind of healthy portable snack are an essential because eating is secondary on this crazy week. Some shows are scheduled back to back and in order not to lose weight during show-week you need to pack non-odiferous snack. That means no tuna sandwiches— and while we are on the subject, if you do get to stop for lunch, don’t order anything with garlic or onions. The seating at shows are much to close for that. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

Hair- You’ll want to get a hair tune up prior to show week and that may mean color or a blow dry or a trim. “Dry Bar” is a god-send— what a genius business. I adore them. Glam Squad is another option and will come to your home to do a blow dry in comfort. The issue with that is you’ll have to get up extra early because shows start at 9am. Bring a personal size hair-spray for mini fixes and unexpected frizzy weather.

You’ll want to have plenty of business cards for pr people or others that you meet and a chic card case is a must, this one from Smythson of London. It’s a great time to connect with pr people or other colleagues and you want your stylish-self to shine when you pull out a card.

Pull out all the stops with your accessories especially a great scarf which has the other advantage of keeping you warm. The one pictured is my cherished Louis Vuitton that I adore and makes my look automatic-awesome.  A pop of color in bangle ( this one from Kara Ross) in magenta embossed leather is pretty great too.

Go to Duane Reade or your favorite HBA shop and load up on breath mints, and Advil. You’ll be basically sitting on top of each other at the shows so you’ll need lots. Advil or your favorite pain relief meds are good to have in case of a major headache or other aches and pains. Don’t let anything stop you! Keep on going, just when its  almost over … there’s London, Milan and Paris!

Happy NY fashion week and hang in there fashionistas.