Cessna Citation Mustang named Top 10 Private Jet-Propelled Aircraft

citationmustang1The Cessna Citation Jet was named the number one private jet-propelled aircraft of the month by Best of Luxury. Both the Cessna Citation Jet and the Cessna Citation XLS + made the top 10 list this month, taking two of the top 10 slots. Reliability, performance, handling, safety, and comfort make up the criteria list used to evaluate the aircraft.

citationmustang3 2The very light, single-pilot five-seat private jet is the only aircraft on the top-10 list that received a 100% rating.  The jet, which is priced at $2.65 million, has a cruising speed of 340 knots and a range of 1,207 nautical miles.  The midsize, nine-passenger Cessna Citation XLS+, priced at $11.6 million, received a 94.6% rating, and placed fourth on the top-10 list. The XLS+ has a cruising speed of 441 knots and 2,111 nautical-mile range.

The $20-million, super-midsize Bombardier Challenger 300 is the most expensive private jet on the top-10 list; the Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF 50, which is a small, personal jet, is the lowest price personal jet on the list at $1 million.

On a monthly basis the Best of Luxury rates the top 10 products of various sectors in the luxury industry.  For deluxe transportation, yachts, boats, aircraft, and automobiles, are rated. Categories covered for gourmands include fine dining, wines and liquors. Watches, consumer electronics, and fitness-related products also are rated as well as fashion, travel, and concierges.

The Best of Luxury Top 10 Private Jet Propelled Aircraft for June 2014

Aircraft …. MSRP

  1. Cessna Citation Jet …. $2.65 million
  2. HondaJet …. $3.65 million
  3. Embraer Lineage 1000 …. $49.25 million
  4. Cessna Citation XLS + …. $11.86 million
  5. Bombardier Challenger 300 …. $20 million
  6. Diamond D-Jet
  7. Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF 50 …. $1 million
  8. Spectrum Aeronautical S-33 Independence …. $3.94 million
  9. Eclipse Aerospace Total Eclipse 500 …. $2.15 million
  10. Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 750 …. $11.95 million