From The Runway To The Streets: How Jason Tavares Translates High-Fashion Hair Trends For Everyday Style

Hairstyles seen on high-fashion runways are often intricate, avant-garde, and eye-catching. While these looks may be inspiring, they can sometimes seem impractical or unattainable for everyday individuals. That’s where celebrity hairstylist Jason Tavares comes in. With his expertise and creative vision, Tavares has mastered the art of translating high-fashion hair trends into practical and wearable styles that suit different lifestyles, hair lengths, and textures.

Tavares, who has worked in high-end salons and trained at L’Oreal Paris headquarters, brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has attended hair shows, honed his skills, and learned the latest techniques from industry leaders. With his passion for hair and dedication to his craft, Tavares has become a go-to stylist for both regular clients and celebrities alike.

“As a celebrity hairstylist, I understand the immense popularity of the trending hairstyles worn by celebrities,” Tavares says. “Everyday women aspire to have the same glamorous, fashion-forward look that makes them feel confident and empowered.”

What sets Tavares apart is his ability to adapt runway looks to suit the everyday individual. He understands that not everyone has a team of stylists at their disposal or hours to spend perfecting their hair. Tavares believes that fashion should be accessible to all, and that includes hairstyles.

“My passion lies in creating luxurious styles for women, helping them showcase their best selves and achieve the desired effects that emulate the celebrity experience,” he says.

When it comes to translating high-fashion hair trends for everyday women, Tavares has a keen eye for selecting styles that suit different preferences and lifestyles. He believes that certain looks, like bobs and high ponytails, are perfect for the everyday woman who wants a chic and polished style that can easily transition from day to night. These hairstyles exude elegance and sophistication, allowing women to feel stylish and put-together in any setting.

For those seeking a more extravagant and statement-making look, Tavares recommends long, luxurious, and wavy hair with big body curls or extreme laid haircuts. These styles are all about embracing volume, texture, and movement.

So what’s the secret to achieving these trendy hairstyles at home? The right products, says  Tavares. He recommends products such as curl creams, texturizing creams, and sprays to give you the texture or hold you’re looking for. Additionally, tools like curling wands or Velcro rollers can be used to add volume and enhance the overall look.

“A product is a product, and if you understand your products, ingredients, and what works for each client, you can recommend the right ones,” he says. “Not every product is suitable for every person.”

One of Tavares’ favorite products that he suggests is his own creation called B Cavi. The haircare line incorporates the benefits of caviar, which provides essential vitamins and omega fatty acids, sealing the hair shaft and improving its overall appearance and texture. It nourishes the hair cells, reducing frizz and dryness, and offers heat protection for effortless styling.

“When I work with women, whether they’re regular clients or celebrities, I don’t just focus on their hair and makeup,” Tavares says. “I aim to transform them from the inside out. B Cavi is a lifestyle.”

Tavares is a sought-after hairstylist who bridges the gap between celebrity hair trends and everyday style. Not only is he well-versed in the art of styling, but he knows how to create stunning looks using a combination of product application and styling tools. By sharing his expertise and recommendations, Tavares empowers everyday women to experiment with different styles and transform their hair into a reflection of their personal taste and self-expression.

Written in partnership with Ascend