Kelly Monrow Speaks For All Women In Scars Of Venus

Kelly Monrow invites us on an unforgettable journey, one that feels intimate and yet quite universal. The gorgeous actress and singer-songwriter just recently dropped her debut album Scars Of Venus, exposing truths spoken and unsaid. With tens of thousands of streams already, the twelve-tracker packs a punch, including melodic and emotional songs as well as more upbeat rockers.

“I promised myself when the Pandemic was over that I would write the words that flowed through my mind every day in quarantine and I would DO what I promised myself I would do: I would create, write lyrics, and sing the hell out of every lyric I write. And so that is what I did,” Kelly shared. “The journey is the joyride. I am less concerned about the outcome now,” she continued. The stellar artist keeps it raw and real both in her art and in life.

Kelly Monrow’s listeners are already familiar with the rock-country masterpiece “Mama Said” and “Jagged Heart” with over 150K streams combined. The two are certainly a fan-favorite yet to be overpowered by “The Woman”, an absolutely stunning piece full of dynamic energy, and power. Exuding her incredible charm, Kelly also showcases her strength and versatility as a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. Top-notch production from beginning to end, Scars Of Venus is a must-hear and a must-love!

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Written in partnership with Ascend