LivingTree Botanicals Brings Transparency to the CBD Industry

The CBD industry is composed of products ranging from topicals to edibles to herbs and so much more. If you’ve consumed it in one form or another, it’s very likely that an innovator has figured out a way to add CBD to the equation. But CBD is far more than an additive or a buzzword thrown around the dinner table. The plant-based medicinal compound is derived directly from the Earth, extracted straight from cannabis and hemp plants, yet, benefits consumers without the high. Scientific-based studies suggest the compound can benefit consumers in numerous ways; popular uses include but are not limited to offsetting anxiety and depression, reducing PTSD, proactively fighting neurological diseases, and relieving discomfort/pain. With a plethora of notable benefits, the CBD movement has consumers and investors alike paying attention to the industries every move.

In the seemingly oversaturated market that is growing by the day, LivingTree Botanicals is taking innovative risks to separate itself from its competitors. The company has most recently launched verticals in sports, wellness, and investing portfolios – appealing to conscious consumers from an array of niche audiences. The emerging CBD company has placed quality and transparency at the forefront of its business model, which has quickly grasped the attention of users across the health and wellness industry–pulling from the existing CBD market while simultaneously bringing in 1st-time users.

The unique, empathetic approach to growth has planted seeds across countless overlapping networks which have led to the brand’s successful penetration into multiple markets. They’ve made a conscious marketing push to an array of user backgrounds, resulting in a diverse consumer foundation composed of unique ideologies, yet, shared core values that align with that of the brand, a feat that many CBD companies struggle tremendously to do.

LivingTree’s unique marketing strategy has resulted in a significant uptick in investment interest from CBD enthusiasts and non-traditional industry investors alike. Garnering buzz from consumers of their product while demanding the attention of the decision-makers within the space. While everyone is searching for a safe haven investment opportunity within the CBD ecosystem, LivingTree Botanicals is creating one.

The LivingTree team most recently honed in on the spark between athletes and their products. Of course, a professional athlete would rarely take to a brand within the CBD industry organically, especially today, as so many dollars have gone to influencer marketing during the social media age of consumption. However, several success stories surrounding the LivingTree brand have prevailed, with praise from NFL players, yoga gurus, MMA athletes, and many more professional athletes in various sports. Owner and CEO Christa West is ecstatic by the positive feedback because she knows they have merely scratched the surface of the sports and athletics world when it comes to her products and brand.

LivingTree’s functionality makes their products the perfect solution to an athlete’s hectic schedule and workload. With an arsenal of products ranging from topicals, herbs, edibles, and sprays, the brand is accessible for use anywhere, at any time. The supplement contains no psychoactive ingredients, so it will never alter judgment or senses. It’s also 100% FDA-compliant and single-pressed for efficacy. The combined benefits make the brand a consumer favorite due to the product’s versatility and transparency in ingredients.

Not to mention that LivingTree carefully labels each of their products with QR codes, allowing consumers to simply scan the container to be redirected to lab reports that verify the precise ingredients used in each packaged product. All of LivingTree’s product listings have received a Certificate of Analysis proving that the company is willing to go the extra mile to earn the consumer’s trust.

West has a vision of her products landing in the hands of professional athletes and health-conscious consumers across the globe. She knows that her dream is within reason based on the feedback she’s received in such a short time. She plans to continue rolling out strategic advertising campaigns with a spread of targeted executions across audiences, all while mastering and evolving her current products and initiatives. West hopes that more people will explore the array of CBD benefits before jumping to conclusions based on the negative connotations creating noise outside of the industry. She looks forward to continuing her journey of relaying authenticity and transparency to the CBD community for years to come!

Written in partnership with Ascend