Secrets Of The Trade: How Fitness Entrepreneur Aleksandr Polovitkin Found His Success

In today’s day and age, our success is limited only by the level of our determination. Entrepreneurship has skyrocketed in the last decade, with 582 million entrepreneurs currently operating in the world.  Not all of these self-made businessmen and women find success, however.  It takes a certain level of determination and industry know-how in order to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

To find entrepreneurial role models, one need look no further than Aleksandr Polovitkin. An expert in the field of a healthy lifestyle, well-being, and effective nutrition, Polovitkin has built a fitness network that sits among the top five leaders in its industry. Fitness Holding Management Company was established in 2002 and has grown over the last twenty years to encompass 23 active sports projects located in three different countries.

“As a fitness network, we are not interested in becoming the leaders in capitalization or in any other quantitative business indicators just for the sake of numbers,” says Polovitkin.  “We are not chasing the number of projects. Their quality, spirit, and mood are important to us.”

It’s this dedication to high-quality, conceptual projects that has served Polovitkin well throughout his entrepreneurial journey.  His knack for business has been evident from the start, ever since he first graduated from university in 1996.  He decided to move to Moscow to attend Bauman Moscow University, where he obtained a Ph.D. degree in Economics.  He began working as a fitness trainer due to his passion for sports, which led to him quickly rising through the ranks before leaving to begin his entrepreneurial journey.

“Fitness is a great motivator!” says Polovitkin. “In understanding success, I accept the Eastern and Western approaches. The Western-style teaches you to set goals and achieve them. The East calls us to appreciate the current moment of life here and now. Therefore, such a symbiosis leads to the achievement of peace, joy, and love.”

This fusion of ideals is reflected in Fitness Holding’s embrace of both fitness and nutrition. In addition to their 23 active sports projects, Fitness Holding features over 20 catering projects that include restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more.

“Each project is unique in its interior, concept, and location,” says Polovitkin. “Coffee shops should be recognizable and unified.  But this does not always work for unique projects specializing in high-quality service provision. In the competitive markets of fitness services and catering, no brand will give a clear advantage over another in terms of attractiveness to the consumer. It all depends on the specific project, its concept, and its quality.”

One tactic that has served Polovitkin particularly well in his business endeavors is his ability to surround himself with highly-capable team members. Polovitkin isn’t afraid to delegate his powers in both current issues and strategic plans. By giving his partners the power to realize their potential, he’s been able to speed up the development of his company and find new areas of work.

“I try to optimize my work so that the number of my contact persons is limited, and trusted team members are able to make decisions independently within certain procedures and rules,” says Polovitkin.

Too many entrepreneurs flame out before their businesses are able to take off. This is often due to taking on too much too quickly, as well as their inability to delegate. But Polovitkin has shown incredible business acumen as an entrepreneur, establishing a fitness and nutrition company that’s on a clear upward trajectory. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Aleksandr Polovitkin, but if his past is any indicator, it’s sure to be bright.

Written in partnership with Maria Williams