Meet Alexis Lauren Collective: A New Ultra-Luxurious Skincare Destination Opening In Miami

Meet Alexis Lauren Collective: A New Ultra-Luxurious Skincare Hub Opening In MiamiPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Alexis Lauren CollectiveSet to open its doors this November in Miami’s coveted Coral Gables neighborhood, Alexis Lauren Collective is redefining luxury beauty through its new, incredibly chic space fused with its unparalleled offerings of high-end, innovative aesthetic skincare treatments. As the brand’s first-ever outpost, Alexis Lauren Collective blends self-care with skincare through its modern design by award-winning architect G. Alvarez Studio that evokes a sense of calm. In addition, the bespoke, custom-made interior elements woven into the design of the space mimic the tailor-made treatments guests are soon to experience. 

Founded by husband-and-wife duo, trauma surgeon Dr. Michael and Alexis Renda, the new luxury skincare destination will approach each client through a personalized lens delivering glowing results through medical-grade services like injectables, custom facials, microneedling, and chemical peels using premium product with medical-grade devices and technology. For Alexis Lauren Collective, skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution; thus, their bespoke treatments aim to transform the skin through cutting-edge treatments that truly cater to the client’s skin needs. The skincare sanctuary will also be home to the “Collective Cabinet,” featuring synergistic brands to complement on-site treatments, including cult-favorite Biologique Recherche, Skinbetter Science, iS Clinical, and more. 

Rooted in science and realized with the utmost intention, Alexis Lauren Collective is paving the way in luxury skincare this fall in Miami, so Haute Living sat down with the founders to get an inside look into Alexis Lauren Collective ahead of the highly-anticipated opening. 

Meet Alexis Lauren Collective: A New Ultra-Luxurious Skincare Hub Opening In Miami
Dr. Michael and Alexis Renda

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Alexis Lauren Collective

HAUTE LIVING: What inspired you to start Alexis Lauren Collective in Miami?
ALEXIS RENDA: When we moved to Miami several years ago, I was looking for a place for injectables and facials, and I couldn’t find an experience I loved. So, Michael and I started discussing what was missing in the space and what it would take to open a beauty collective that was luxurious and also offered bespoke treatments that really catered to the client and their needs. We wanted to marry the concept of injectables with high-end, highly curated skincare treatments. 

HL: What can we expect at Alexis Lauren when doors open?
AR: Our entire concept is built on serving others and making people feel good about their skin. We want people to feel relaxed, present, and confident that their individual needs and concerns will be met the second they walk into Alexis Lauren. Our service menu is really tailored to serve the client — not overwhelm them — and our product lines are highly curated for maximum efficiency. You can expect a completely personalized experience without hidden add-ons. 

HL: Something that sets Alexis Lauren apart is the treatments are highly customized to each client. Can you give us an example of how treatments can vary based on skin type?
AR: We don’t believe each person should get the same treatment when no two people are the same. Our skin is always changing, and so are our concerns and needs. We offer what is best for you at the present moment in time.

HL: The space is undeniably a chic vibe. What inspired the interiors?
Dr. MR: Alexis, as much as she won’t admit it is truly an aesthete — she has unparalleled taste and style. She was able to put together a mood board that our architects took one look at and brought to life. One of our mottos is “let’s slow things down.” The client is on a journey the second they immerse themselves into Alexis Lauren. Time stands still from the moment they walk in the front door to their treatment room. Every wall and door is curved and custom-made, just like the experience. 

Meet Alexis Lauren Collective: A New Ultra-Luxurious Skincare Hub Opening In MiamiPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Alexis Lauren Collective

HL: What has it been like building a business (so far) as a husband-and-wife duo?
DR. MR & AR: We like to describe starting this business like walking in the dark in the middle of the night from the bathroom to the bed. You have your hands out and are blindly walking, trying not to trip or hit your shin. Having a business partner on the same page as you, with the same goals, work ethic, and reliability, has been key. The hard part is the access to your business partner. It never ends. We wake up, and the texts between each other start at 7 am to discuss the business, troubleshoot, answer emails, etc. We are working on this balancing act, but we can’t imagine doing this with anyone else. Seeing a project take shape that was merely an idea is uniquely gratifying. It is all a steep learning curve. 

Clients can receive treatments through individual visits or through a monthly membership, in which clients receive monthly custom treatments, exclusive pricing, and members-only perks. Alexis Lauren Collective is located at 4203 Ponce de Leon Blvd Coral Gables, FL 33146.