Kate Bock On Getting Into The Spirits Business + How She’s Spending Valentine’s Day With New Fiancé Kevin Love

Kate BockPhoto Credit: Pompette

Life is sparkling for supermodel Kate Bock thanks to her newly launched business venture, Pompette, and her recently announced engagement to NBA star Kevin Love. But will she take his name? 

You could say that life is sparkling for Canadian supermodel Kate Bock (who is perhaps best known for work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit; she made her SI debut in 2013 and has appeared in every consecutive year since and most recently was on the 2020 cover). In addition to her recent engagement to Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love, she’s now the proud partner in Pompette, a new hard sparkling water wrapped up in a chic, female-friendly packaging. The company’s philosophy is in line with Bock’s own personal ethos of health and wellness: each flavor is naturally gluten-free, contains 5% alcohol by volume and 40 calories with two grams of sugar or less per six ounce serving. Here, we chatted with the 33-year-old model about loving where she’s at professionally, loving Kevin Love and what her husband-to-be has planned for the imminent day of love, Valentine’s Day.

Kate BockPhoto Credit: Pompette

Let’s talk about Pompette, how the relationship came to be and why it’s going to guarantee that you’ll have a sparkling Valentine’s Day.

I was introduced to Pompette this past summer and fell in love with it immediately. I am always searching for cleaner and better-for-you alternatives, so it was a great fit. Pompette is such a delicious hard sparkling water It is refreshing, tastes great without the guilt and comes in a chic 750ml glass bottle. Pompette also comes in 4 natural, sparkling flavors – Cucumber Lime, Rosé Hibiscus, Lemon Mint and Clementine Berry – There’s a flavor for everyone.

Where did the name come from?

Pompette is the French word for “tipsy.” We thought the name was fun, playful and a good fit for the brand. The brand was born on a beautiful day at the beach on the Mediterranean coast. The founder, Jeremy Smith, was in search for something refreshing and sparking to relax with during a summer getaway.

Why was this the right fit for your own personal brand?

What spoke to you, and how do you think it will speak to others? The new partnership is a natural fit for me. I love the light, bubbly taste without the guilt. It’s something I enjoy when relaxing at home, having a girls night or on the beach on a warm summer day. Pompette is super unique because it comes in a 750ml super chic bottle.

Health and wellness are a part of my lifestyle, and I think others will appreciate a natural, healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverage and hard seltzer, especially those looking to venture outside the confines of a can. The bottle is nice to have to serve a group and can easily be chilled in an ice bucket.

Kate BockPhoto Credit: Pompette

What would be a romantic meal you’d pair this with (and which flavor)? Does your fiancé drink them too?

For a romantic evening, a date night is a perfect time to experiment with cocktails. We like to eat a lot of fish and fresh veggies, which pair super nicely with the natural flavors of Pompette. Kevin loves the Clementine & Blood Orange, so I created a cocktail recipe specially for him with Clementine Berry Pompette.

Clementine Mediterranean Summer
6oz Pompette Clementine Berry
1oz Gin
Fresh Blood Orange juice
Ginger ale

Fill glass halfway with ice
Pour 6oz of Pompette Clementine Berry
Add 1oz of Gin
Add a squeeze of fresh Blood Orange juice
Top off with a splash of Ginger ale

Serving: Serves 1 glass

Another refreshing recipe that pairs well is made with the Lemon Mint Sku. See below:

Fresh Lemon Mint
6oz Pompette Lemon Mint
Fresh Lemon
Sprig of Rosemary

Fill glass halfway with ice
Pour 6oz Pompette Lemon Mint
Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Garnish with Rosemary

Serving: Serves 1 glass

We like to make dinner a production for the evening and also like to start with a nice fresh salad, which has the following ingredients:

Grilled chicken
Toasted chickpeas
Vegan feta cheese
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper


Kate BockPhoto Credit: Pompette

Speaking about romance, Valentine’s Day is approaching. Is this a holiday that you both take seriously or is every day Valentine’s Day? What’s the most romantic thing he’s ever done for you?

We are typically not together on Valentine’s Day because Kevin is usually on the road for basketball season. I’m a sucker for roses. Kevin doesn’t understand flowers because they don’t last very long. I personally love flowers and this is the one time of the year I know he will get me them :). Even though we are far apart on most Valentine’s Days, we usually spend some quality FaceTime together and do something fun, like toast to each other and celebrate.

Congratulations on your engagement! Was it a surprise? Was the proposal all you imagined it would be?

Yes – it was completely a surprise. He did it on my birthday at dinner. It was already a beautiful and romantic night. I didn’t see it coming at all. I was shocked and so happily surprised. He put together a special moment that took me off guard.

Will you take Kevin’s last name, and officially become Kate Love?

Great question. I do think that I hit the jackpot when it comes to last names to take on. I’m not sure I will take on his name for work. I need to consider it! Kate Bock, Kate Love… Hmm… Should I do a poll ;)?

Kate BockPhoto Credit: Pompette

Have you started planning the wedding yet? Any thoughts? Will Pompette be served as a special cocktail?

Yes – Pompette will definitely be part of our wedding. I haven’t started planning yet. We are dreaming of summer 2022, but there’s a lot to still be decided. I’m very excited and enjoying the moment.

This is a time when many people have split apart, but it strengthened your relationship. What advice can you share with others?

We both try to each schedule our days so we can both take time for ourselves to make sure we can prioritize what we need to get done and work on whatever we hope to each accomplish on a personal level, whether that’s work or a special goal and also make time for each other. We found a really good balance.

We really enjoy spending a lot of time together. Kevin always makes me laugh no matter the situation. I think my advice here would be to spend that time together as a couple, but also make sure you have the time to work on yourself. Also, when we spend time by ourselves, it makes getting together more exciting.

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Friends, family and loved ones is my greatest luxury in life. Having people around, near and far, that you can always rely on is something I cannot take for granted. During a time like now, I try to make the most of every moment.


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