Say Hello To Your New Anti-Frizz Remedy

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When the heat turns up, many of us are all faced with the same issue—how to keep our hair looking sleek and shiny without frizzing up the minute we step out the door. For years, the solution has been the chemically-induced Keratin treatment, which essentially coats your hair with a formaldehyde-releasing solution, which is then blow-dried and flat-ironed into your hair. While the treatment has proven to be effective, there’s now a secondary solution to get achieve smooth, non-frizzy locks.

However, our prayers have now been answered with the new, innovative technique of “hair botox.”  In Miami, you can find it at the swanky Faena Hotel on the third floor, where expert stylist & colorist Katie Da Silva creates magic with her clients’ hair.

Hair Botox Katie Da SilvaPhoto Credit: Katie Da Silva

“Just as botox smoothes out your skin, it does the same for your hair. Living in South Florida, where we face humidity and ocean air throughout the year, it makes your life so much easier to smooth out the hair cuticles, which keeps the humidity out so that your hair can stay soft, healthy and manageable,” Da Silva explains.

So how does ‘hair botox’ work? The stylist applies the ‘hair botox’ to your hair similar as they would when you get your hair colored—however, the ‘botox’ treatment consists of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and lipids. The biggest selling factor that there is no formaldehyde in the ingredients. On the contrary, it actually lives up to its name by reversing the damage of your hair and restoring it—essentially, it’s anti-aging your hair.

“First, I clarify the hair to get rid of any toxins,” Silva begins to walk us through. “Then, I put the treatment on similar to when I color or put in a deep conditioning treatment. It then sits in your hair, and depending on your personal texture and density, it’ll take anywhere between 15 and 35 minutes. After, I rinse it out and apply a beautiful mask, rinse it one more time and proceed to blow it out to seal the cuticles in, utilizing the flat iron’s controlled temperature.”

Afterward, your hair will feel lighter, silkier and softer—while still keeping its texture and volume. Typically, the treatment lasts about three months and should be done in moderation throughout the year.

For more information, head to or Instagram: @itskatiek_.

hair botoxPhoto Credit: Shutterstock