One-On-One With New York Entrepreneur Kimberly Gindi

Kimberly GindiPhoto Credit: Kimberly Taylor New York

New York native Kimberly Gindi has a love of fashion and is on a mission to spread her vision with the world. Embodying the new model of retail marketing in the digital age, she’s started her brand, Kimberly Taylor New York, from the ground-up. She utilizes Instagram to reach, sell and communicate directly with her customers, ensuring that each piece is delivered to them with love and confidence. After achieving huge success previously as a wholesale company, Gindi decided to completely remodel her business structure and grow her new brand from scratch.

As a growing entrepreneur, we sat down with Gindi to learn more about her brand, how she started it, her keys to success and where she sees Kimberly Taylor growing in the future.

Tell us about your brand, Kimberly Taylor. How did you start it?

Kimberly Taylor is a luxury fashion brand based in New York and inspired by women who are global fashion explorers. It has a streetwear component and a permanent collection of satin wardrobe staples that are very easy to wear. I actually started my brand 10 years ago as a wholesale company with a retail component. I had no design background or experience—I just learned through trial and error. Now I have relaunched after six years and I’m very proud to be producing everything in New York and selling direct-to-consumer. It’s a whole new world for me. The brand has definitely grown up with me and it has more of sophistication and ease now more than ever before.

What was one of your most successful tactics for building your brand?

I love to host trunk shows so I can see my clients try everything on. It helps me understand the fit for all body types and gives me a real pulse on what is working well and gives my clients more confidence to purchase online as well.

How has Instagram changed the digital retail market today? 

I run my entire business using Instagram. It’s the tool that connects me directly to my customers. I’m able to showcase lifestyle and branding while connecting to the person who will ultimately be wearing the product. Every image is clicked to buy and links directly to my website. The immediacy of it all is still mind-blowing to me. A lot of influential people in the fashion world have been so supportive in spreading the word and supporting a new design, which I’m so grateful for. It’s also important to me that I answer every DM myself regarding fit and I can also see all my clients wearing the clothes in their own tagged photos which is very rewarding.

Describe your clothes. I understand you strive for longevity in a lot of your designs. Why did you decide to go for this design style? 

My clothes are sleek and mostly silk or satin. There are no logos at all. I rarely use prints and if I do opt for the most classic ones I can find. Longevity is important to me because I want to help my clients build a wardrobe that they can keep adding to over time. Nothing ever goes on sale because each piece is made to complete the edit. I also strive for the most flattering fit. I always say my clothes skim the body but never hug the body. In terms of the edit, if you buy an evening trouser from me one season, next season you can get the bustier and have the set. The next season I may come out with the blazer or cami—it’s all meant to be worn mixed and matched. Most of the garments pack really well and are transitional in weight so they can be worn year-round. The worst is when I buy something to wear it once and it sits in the closet! I wouldn’t want that for my clients. This isn’t fast fashion, it’s a more affordable luxury. The clothes are meant to stand the test of time and be worn with other brands who might be more trend-focused. Or just stand alone in their simplicity.

Who’s your target audience?

My audience is pretty diverse. The ages really range. I would say one thing that’s consistent across the board is that my clients are looking for luxury and quality but pieces they can wear and re-wear. They love the relevant style but they’re not too deep into the passing trends.

What are some of your all-time favorite pieces? 

I think the Caroline slip dress is one of my absolute favorites just because I’ve seen it on so many different body types and it’s truly seasonless. Another favorite would be the Barbara bustier just because we really elevated the construction on that top.

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style has two modes. I’m either in streetwear or dressed up. So I would say modern glamour. Even in a tracksuit, I feel best when I’m monochromatic and put together. I’m also a bit nostalgic and I think it reads in my personal style.

Best piece of fashion advice? 

When in doubt, keep it simple. Thanks, mom for that one!

Where do you hope to see the brand within the next five years?

I’d love to grow a direct-to-consumer online business and reach a broader audience as well as partner exclusively with one great powerhouse online shop like Moda Operandi or Net-A-Porter.

What’s one of the biggest takeaways you’ve learned from starting a grassroots business like this? 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people who have been in your shoes. Take every meeting even if your not sure it will lead. All feedback can be constructive and don’t be afraid to build slowly.