Inside the 2016 Haute Residence Miami Luxury Real Estate & Design Summit at 1 Hotel & Homes

Visionary Developers at Haute Residence Miami Real Estate Summit at 1 Hotel & Homes
‘Visionary Developers’ at Haute Residence Miami Real Estate Summit at 1 Hotel & Homes

Photo Credit: Manny Hernandez / Manny of Miami

Haute Residence hosted the 2016 Miami Luxury Real Estate & Design Summit at 1 Hotel & Homes in Miami Beach joined by the top real estate titans of the Magic City. The networking event featured the leading power players of different industries, with four panels: “The Next Generation of Power,” “Power Brokers,” “Visionary Developers” and “Visionaries in Design.” After each panel discussion, Haute Residence director Frank Morales moderated a Q&A discussion with the panelists and the audience. Haute Residence additionally awarded three members with a unique award for their industry. Recipients included Richard LeFrak, Jorge Perez, and Piero Lissoni.

Danny Hertzberg, Tony Rodriguez Jr, Daniel de la Vega, Senada Adzem, Oren Alexander, Nathan Zeder, Julian Cohen
Danny Hertzberg, Tony Rodriguez Jr, Daniel de la Vega, Senada Adzem, Oren Alexander, Nathan Zeder, Julian Cohen

Photo Credit: David Heischrek /

The day kicked off with the “Next Generation of Power” panel moderated by Daniel de la Vega, president of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty. Senada Adzem (Douglas Elliman), Oren Alexander (Douglas Elliman), Julian Cohen (Compass), Danny Hertzberg (Coldwell Banker), Tony Rodriguez (Prestige Realty Group) and Nathan Zeder (EWM Realty International) all sat on the panel and gave cutting-edge insight on the real estate industry and their experiences in paving the way for their own future success. The panelists discussed the techniques of bringing in international buyers and conquering cultural differences, but also stressed the importance of the local buyer. Within the next 12 years, many of the panelists agreed that this would be the most important buyer in Miami.

Camille DouglasPhoto Credit: David Heischrek /

Following the panel, the Haute Residence co-founder Seth Semilof presented Richard LeFrak with this year’s “Visionary Developer Award.” Associate Camille Douglas accepted the award on the developer’s behalf, who could not be present for the event.

Jorge Uribe, Monica Venegas, Phil Spiegleman, Jay Parker, Ina Cordle, Dora Puig, Nelson Gonzalez, Alicia Cervera, Rex Hamilton
Jorge Uribe, Monica Venegas, Phil Spiegleman, Jay Parker, Ina Cordle, Dora Puig, Nelson Gonzalez, Alicia Cervera, Rex Hamilton

Photo Credit: David Heischrek /

Next, the power brokers of Miami, including Alicia Cervera (Cervera Real Estate), Nelson Gonzalez (EWM Realty International), Rex Hamilton (Rex Hamilton Corporation), Dora Puig (Luxe Living Realty), Jay Parker (Douglas Elliman), Phil Spiegelman (International Sales Group), Jorge Uribe (ONE Sotheby’s International Realty), and Monica Venegas (Venegas International Group) took the stage, and The Real Deal South Florida‘s Ina Cordle moderated the discussion. A major theme of the panel focused on the current state of the Miami real estate market and the fear of the city being in the fall of a “boom and bust” cycle. The power squad offered an optimistic take on the matter.

“Miami is no longer a market of boom and bust. We have moved into a sustainable market where normal cyclical behavior is the norm. Don’t believe the hype, we are in a very good market,” assured CEO of Douglas Elliman Florida Jay Parker.

"Power Brokers:" Monica Venegas, Jorge Uribe, Phil Spiegleman, Jay Parker, Dora Puig, Rex Hamilton, Nelson Gonzalez, Alicia Cervera
“Power Brokers:” Monica Venegas, Jorge Uribe, Phil Spiegleman, Jay Parker, Dora Puig, Rex Hamilton, Nelson Gonzalez, Alicia Cervera

Photo Credit: David Heischrek /

The discussion also fell on the importance of social media. “From a marketing standpoint, the Internet is our greatest friend,” noted Phil Spiegelman.

While Alicia Cervera agreed on the immense impact of social media in today’s real estate market, she also stressed the importance of maintaining face-to-face relationships and taking chances on a client. “Without a person to get to the finish line, the finish line is not as much fun and the chance of success is much lower,” she said. “And don’t be afraid to embrace the yes, a person who says both yes and no and takes that chance is what differentiates the great agent from the mediocre.”

Visionary Developer Panelists
‘Visionary Developer’ Panelists

The third panel included Miami’s top developers and undoubtedly some of the most important people that can be attributed to shaping the city of Miami and transforming it into the remarkable place that it is today: Ugo Colombo (CMC Group), Edgardo Defortuna (Fortune International Group), Gil Dezer (Dezer Development), Camille Douglas (Lefrak Organization), Russell Galbut (Crescent Heights) and Carlos Rosso (Related Group). Each of these visionary developers have played a part in creating Miami’s top luxurious real estate that attracts millions of people from all over the world. Political strategist and consultant Seth Gordon moderated the discussion, picking the brains of the panelists and finding out what was in store for the city. The unanimous agreement seemed to fall in the fact that development in Miami was heading North and leaning toward further urbanization.

“When you live in an urban community, you have everything––it’s a different type of world,” said Russell Galbut. “In these high-end luxury buildings that are being developed in our urban community, you have in them all the things necessary for a 24-hour life. Urbanization and mass transit becomes very important.”

Jorge Perez Lifetime Achievement Award
Jorge Pérez was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award”


At the end of the discussion, Haute Residence co-founder Kamal Hotchandani presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to the development visionary extraordinaire, Jorge Pérez of The Related Group. Upon accepting this prestigious award, Pérez ended the discussion with some uplifting words regarding his take on the future of Miami.

“History repeats itself and it will repeat itself in Miami,”  the developer said. “In every slow down and every recession we’ve had, the pricing always goes back up, and when it does, it is bigger than the previous slow down. Therefore, real estate has shown a greater increase in value than any other investment you can make in Florida. It is safe, and we are in an international city without the problems of being in South American cities––thus, money will continue to come to Miami. I am greatly optimistic about Miami. I think it’s destined to be together with L.A. and New York as the great international cities of this country in the future.”


visionaries in design panel
‘Visionaries in Design:’ Marita Stavrou, Piero Lissoni, Sam Robin, Diane Paparo and Jeremy Gauger


Photo Credit: Manny of Miami / Manny Hernandez

The final panel put all the pieces of the puzzle together by bringing forth Miami’s visionary designers––a key component of what goes into making Miami real estate so desirable. Iran Issa Khan moderated the discussion, a renowned photographer and great friend of the recently deceased design icon Zaha Hadid. Panelists included Miami’s top design experts: Jeremy Gauger (Arquitectonica GEO), Diane Paparo (Diane Paparo Associates), Sam Robin (Sam Robin Inc.), world-class Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni (Lissoni Associati), and Marita Stavrou (Marita Stavrou Inc.). A key point that the designers agreed on was moving toward the trend of “bringing the outside inside” and incorporating natural and organic elements of design into the interior. They all stressed the point of making sure everything is integrated: the outside elements, the inside elements, and key communication between both the brokers and the developers on working together to make the final product exceptional.

Visionary in Design Recipient: Piero Lissoni
‘Visionary in Design’ Award Recipient: Piero Lissoni


Photo Credit: Manny of Miami / Manny Hernandez

At the end of the discussion, Haute Residence co-founder Seth Semilof presented the Zaha Hadid ‘Visionary in Design’ award to Piero Lissoni.

1 Hotel & Homes & 50 Bleu After Party in 1HH Penthouse

After the last panel, the networking event moved upstairs, where 1 Homes hosted an after party in one of its breathtaking oceanfront penthouse residences. 50 Bleu partnered in the affair, offering refreshing cocktails that paired perfectly with light bites provided by the hotel for guests to enjoy and finish off a successful day of powerful discussion and insight.