Chanel Pushes J12 Collection through iPad and iPhone App

French fashion label Chanel is tapping into its technological resources and pushing its J12 collection through a new application that is available for the iPad and iPhone.

The free app details the J12 collections including the Marine, Rétrograde Mystérieuse and Chromatic. It also allows consumers to virtually “try them on” using an augmented reality feature.

Rick Singer, CEO of, New York, said, “I would think that Chanel’s strategy is to use apps as a way to create additional awareness about their product. Many people do not know Chanel makes watches and, therefore, this app can expose them to a new audience.”

“However,” he adds, “I don’t necessarily think having this app add any value to the Chanel brand at all. Chanel is known by most as being the best already and is a world-class brand. Having an app for the J12 is something to stay relevant as most businesses now have apps.”

The landing page of the app shows the three watch models, each with their own section. The sections display the collection in large images that fill the screen and includes a boutique finder, the models’ own individual film, a clock to view the ticking movement and the ability to share it with friends via email and social media. To virtually try on the watches, iPhone uses can use the augmented reality feature.

The J12 chromatic is Chanel’s newest model. In the app, its section allows consumers to explore sections such as universe, collection and its film. The Chromatic is titanium ceramic, which is a new combination of the two metals and switches colors between black and white depending on its environment. The watch is bezel-set and two of the models have diamonds. It has a self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.

In an effort to demonstrate why Chanel watches are so expensive, the app will provide consumers with tons of information to that helps to demonstrate what the timepiece is all about and what they are spending their money on. History and craftsmanship are two of the cornerstones of a luxury brands such as Chanel.

“The app has a very relaxing feel to it from a visual standpoint,” Singer said. “The pages are very crisp and extremely detailed from an image standpoint. It’s a great idea for Chanel to have an app for its watch collection – it is competing in the same space as top timepiece-makers such as Rolex, Cartier, Piaget and Chopard, just to name a few.”

Source: Luxury Daily