Ferrari Considers Owners’ Club To Get Right Of First Refusal On New Models

Nearly everyone knows how difficult it can be to get your hands on a Ferrari. The luxury automaker is notorious for long waiting lists and true aficionados who own multiple Ferraris sometimes just cannot get their hands on the latest limited edition model because they sell to fast. Ferrari seems to have come up with a solution to that problem.

Ferrari is considering establishing a new, ultra-exclusive owners’ club that would allow its members to have the first right of refusal on any new limited edition models that the automaker launches. If established, those who are fortunate enough to be allowed entry into the club would be offered the chance to purchase the limited edition cars before anyone else.

Ferrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said, “I do not want our faithful collectors to miss the opportunity to buy one of our special series.”

While the club has not been created yet, there are still some details the company would need to work out – such as what criteria Ferrari will choose for entry into its special club. One option would be to limit entry to only those individuals who own at least five Ferraris already (this trait actually describes only about 300 people worldwide).

Source: Motor Authority