This Legendary Globally Acclaimed Restaurant Is Coming To Miami Next Year

Miami’s culinary and entertainment landscape is getting yet another globally acclaimed dining and entertainment concept with the announcement of RosaNegra’s highly anticipated US debut. Real estate visionary and President of Black Lion, Robert Rivani, has successfully orchestrated the arrival of internationally acclaimed entertainment restaurant, RosaNegra, to Miami’s thriving gastronomic scene. Mexico-based Grupo RosaNegra has inked a 10-year lease to occupy a prime ground-floor space at the prestigious SLS Brickell.

This Legendary Globally Acclaimed Restaurant Is Coming To Miami Next Year
RosaNegra Cabo

Photo Credit: RosaNegra

The partnership between Black Lion and RosaNegra signifies more than a mere collaboration; it’s a testament to the city’s continuous evolution as a hub of luxury and innovation. With this venture, Rivani and his team aim to redefine the concept of hospitality in Miami by merging world-class cuisine with exhilarating entertainment, all set against the backdrop of one of the city’s most sought-after locations.

“Introducing this legendary restaurant group to South Florida is in perfect alignment with Black Lion’s overarching vision to revolutionize Miami’s hospitality scene,” notes Rivani, President of Black Lion. “RosaNegra’s presence will infuse the area with an unparalleled energy and elevate the culinary landscape of Brickell to new heights.”

RosaNegra’s forthcoming Miami outpost, slated to open in Spring 2024, marks its sixth location worldwide and its flagship establishment in the United States. The restaurant, a celebration of Latin American cuisine and culture, defies convention by blending gourmet dining experiences with top-tier entertainment and personalized service. Occupying a sprawling 13,634-square-foot space at SLS Brickell on South Miami Avenue, RosaNegra will serve as an epicurean oasis in the heart of the city. The venue will be complemented by an expansive 4,634-square-foot outdoor area, providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor dining and entertainment.

Passionately dedicated to sourcing high-quality ingredients and utilizing the freshest produce, RosaNegra’s eclectic menu traverses the gastronomic traditions of Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico. Signature dishes meticulously crafted with daring and authentic flavors grace the menu, including Tasmanian smoked trout, Spanish carabineros, and Wagyu beef from Japan. The artistic presentation of artisanal cocktails, concocted with signature infusions and natural elements, further elevates the dining experience.

However, RosaNegra isn’t just about culinary excellence. The establishment masterfully blends its gastronomic offerings with a vibrant atmosphere, replete with live music, a resident DJ, and high-level entertainment that culminates in unforgettable moments. As Miami eagerly anticipates the arrival of RosaNegra’s experience, it’s clear that this collaboration between Rivani and the internationally renowned Grupo RosaNegra will be a game-changer, setting new standards for gastronomy and entertainment in the city’s vibrant scene.