Meet Faraz Zaidi, The Designer Sharing his Cultural Origins and Fondness for Storytelling through the Lens of American Luxury Fashion

As a child, Faraz’s exposure to the vibrant colors and intricate designs of south Asian clothing and textiles, along with the serene natural surroundings of his rural hometown in Central New Jersey, has shaped his perspective on fashion and design. He grew to appreciate the tranquility of nature, surrounded by horses, cornfields, and trees, and the lively cultural aesthetic of his heritage in Pakistan.

These contrasting experiences have informed his approach to fashion and storytelling, leading to the creation of his now world-renowned brand, Profound.

Since its inception in late 2009, Profound Co. has been embraced by a vast range of celebrities and influential public figures, from The Weeknd and Justin Bieber to Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar. The brand, founded by Faraz Zaidi along with his sister and cousin, combines streetwear and high fashion, with a focus on adaptability and change. Many of its products also incorporate themes of political commentary, cultural identity, human struggle, and spirituality.

Faraz’s designs are intended to spark conversation and engage with one another in order to build connections. His clothing often blurs the lines and creates a balance between contrasts and contradictions; raw and elegant, internal and external, light and dark, aspirational and accessible. All resulting in garments that are both forward-thinking and nostalgic, inviting viewers to explore the complexities within them yet find simplicity in appreciation of a well-crafted and responsibly produced garment.

Faraz considers each of his items to be individual works of art, and his collections as installations that present a central idea or thesis. In addition to the cut, silhouette, and fit of his designs, he places a strong emphasis on story and context. He believes that a person’s unique story and experiences are their greatest strength and should be preserved and celebrated. In an industry that often relies on tradition and formula, Faraz has carved out a distinct path as an artist and tastemaker. He believes that truly authentic work, which reflects the core of one’s identity, is where true strength lies.

After over a decade of consistent growth, Profound has become a highly sought-after name in the high-end luxury streetwear market. And after these ten years of being extremely hands-on in every aspect of the company’s growth, Faraz would now like to invest some of his time to assist and guide others to build their businesses and brands and to teach them how to duplicate his success through his series of mentorship efforts. “I remember operating our entire business from a small bedroom in Central New Jersey, packing orders every day and driving them to the local post office to ship them to customers. And now selling in some of the world’s best luxury stores like Saks Fifth Ave, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. I want to be able to tell a newer, younger generation of kids that it’s all possible to live out the American dream and build something that’s truly a reflection of yourself.”

With his passions lying in self-education, business development, fashion design, and entrepreneurship; Faraz envisions Profound’s future as an overarching umbrella company that incorporates multiple sub-labels within it. Tapping into additional target markets within the accessible luxury realm. Faraz also wants to expand Profound’s reach and progress into new categories to share his design perspective and build new revenue models within jewelry, home goods, and womenswear.

Faraz believes that we have almost become a bit jaded and desensitized from all things digital, even though he does agree it exists to serve a purpose. “It’s useful to have Instagram and social media channels, but I’ve always really been drawn to things in the physical space,” says Faraz. This has prompted him to want to establish a physical store for profound within the future, which he envisions will provide customers with an immediate sense of the brand’s identity.

In the future, Faraz looks forward to building deeper connections with his customers and providing them with the absolute best product he’s capable of creating. As he anticipates digging deeper into video narratives through a series of short films and campaigns, allowing him to further share the origin story of Profound.

Written in partnership with Tom White