Introducing J.J. Hebert, the USA Today/Wall Street Journal Best-Seller Responsible for Publishing Over 1,000 Titles

J.J. Hebert’s expertise runs the gamut from a renowned entrepreneur who built MindStir Media into a leading self-publishing company to a bestselling author of five books. J.J. is a rare breed in publishing, with an extensive understanding of both authoring and publishing. According to numerous sources, including the MindStir Media official website, J.J. Hebert formed MindStir Media in 2009 simply to get his own book onto the market. That release of Unconventional went so well, with over 100,000 copies sold, that authors from all over deluged him with requests for advice.

J.J. started his journey with fellow authors by giving consultations. In an interview with London Daily Post, he stated, “Many of my consultations ended with ‘can you just publish the book for me’? At first, I was a bit reluctant because I wanted to focus mainly on my own writing, but the need was there and I knew I could solve many of the writers’ problems through my brand MindStir Media if I put the proper team in place.”

J.J. did indeed put all the pieces in place to take on publishing clients. The brand started slowly with a handful of clients in the early days and then ballooned into one of the behemoths in the publishing industry, with over 1,000 books published to date. J.J. Hebert is the face of MindStir Media and he is behind each and every book published through the brand for his author clients. He has shifted away from offering his time for free and instead opts to provide paying clients with mentoring sessions during which he gives marketing advice from his perspective as a bestselling author. It’s a truly unique experience and offering for authors.

Hundreds of thousands of his followers on social media count on J.J. Hebert to supply them with self-publishing and marketing tips. He also runs a popular blog on his website at where he discusses a wide range of topics including how to become a best-selling author. More notably, he is a contributor for Forbes and Entrepreneur where he reaches millions with his valuable publishing and marketing advice.

The books J.J. helps to publish through MindStir Media are available through thousands of retailers, booksellers, and wholesalers in nearly two hundred countries. Of course, the books are sold through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the two most popular book retailers in the country, but the books are also readily available through lesser-known channels. J.J. has stated that the books are most sought-after in the US, UK, Canadian, European Union, and Australian markets. J.J. and his company MindStir don’t stop by making the books available; they collaborate with the authors to market and promote the books, too. J.J. works closely with his authors and his team of specialists to help authors get visibility and sales through full-fledged digital marketing efforts that include press releases, PR placements, social media promotions, email blasts, and billboard advertising.

J.J.’s most transformative marketing services are focused on celebrities and the impact they can have on the books of unknown authors. He partnered with the likes of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of the novelist Ernest Hemingway, to offer his clients celebrity marketing opportunities. One such opportunity is to have one of those above celebrities write the foreword for one’s book. Adding a celebrity to a book can generate a lot of attention, as evidenced by Isabell Hayden’s book endorsed by Mariel Hemingway through J.J. Isabell’s book became a no. 1 Amazon best-seller thanks to the Hemingway connection – Hemingway filmed a video endorsing the children’s book which was uploaded to YouTube and garnered over 10,000 views.

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Written in partnership with Tom White