From Fashion to Musical Fandom: MAR Debut Single Out Now on All Major Outlets

Photo Credit: Marbella Music

Mexico’s favorite fashionista and stage performer has officially launched her solo music career with her fiery hot Latin-pop track “QUÉDATE.” Released as a single, on June 10th this dance floor favorite has been rocking the North American Market with billboards stretching from Vegas to L.A.

As she was always heavily involved with the world of fashion and fanfare, her artistic transition was an almost natural switch for her. A long-time student of the musical arts, MAR is bringing a full catalog of proficiencies to the table. Combining her vocals, guitar, and piano skills with an open mind and an open heart, “QUÉDATE” is just the first of many in her up-and-coming career. A very disciplined artist for her young age of 21, MAR is known for pushing past the point of creative exhaustion at the studio, where she often mentions where the best ideas, inspirations, and performances come from. Entering an almost meditative trance while producing her tracks, the artist describes her work as raw honesty, straight from her inner child: free, pure, and powerful through its innocent playfulness & joy.

“This song reflects something that we live many times, where a sudden connection drives us to do or say things to capture that moment, like the sun and the moon that in a moment are no longer.”

This sexy, groovy tune is the perfect melody for any dancefloor. Keep your favorite pair of hips close by and ask them to “QUÉDATE”, stay in Spanish. You can find the track on all the major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Youtube. At the time of writing, only 2 days after its release the track has already made it to chart listing.

Written in partnership with LVD management