The Haute Guide To The Latest Manhattan Restaurants That Earned Their Michelin Stars

From bespoke Japanese cuisine to comfort Italian dishes rich in tradition, here is the Haute Living guide to the latest Michelin Star restaurants in Manhattan.


New Michelin Star Restaurants in Manhattan
Grandma Walking Through Forest in Emilia at Rezdôra

Photo Credit: Valeria Pinto

Nestled on a cozy side street in Manhattan’s Flatiron District lies Rezdôra, an intimate Italian restaurant that celebrates the authentic cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region. As the culinary love child of esteemed chef Stefano Secchi and partner David Switzer, Rezdôra’s niche is tradition. From house-made pasta to traditionally prepared meat and fish, Rezdôra immediately immerses guests into the rich heritage of this northern Italy region. It is this very sentiment that has garnered the attention of Michelin. “To become a part of [the Michelin] family is inspiring, but more than anything, I hope to be a part of the next generation that teaches the generation after me the respect for this life and profession,” admits Secchi. “Michelin is supportive of that, and it’s humbling to see that.” 27 East 20th St, New York


New Michelin Star Restaurants in Manhattan
English Pea Soup at Tsukimi

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tsukimi

Named after the Japanese tradition of gathering under the full moon with seasonal food and sake as offerings to the moon and as a prayer for a good harvest — also known as ‘moon viewing’ — Tsukimi fuses the past with the present to create the ultimate modern Japanese dining experience in the East Village. Helmed by Executive Chef Takanori Akiyama, Tsukimi serves an elaborate 12-course tasting menu, including the chef’s signature sea urchin and caviar dish he first created in 1999. The legendary dish is followed by a savory rice course prepared in a donabe pot with a special, premium rice, Yukitsubaki. To complete the dynamic menu, Japanese wagashi-inspired desserts are served with a bowl of matcha. The Michelin-starred menu embodies bold yet elegant flavors, making the perfect gourmet harmony. 228 East 10th St, New York


New Michelin Star Restaurants in ManhattanPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Vestry

In 2020, chef Shaun Hergatt opened Vestry, a sophisticated dining destination specializing in American seafood dishes with few authentic Japanese ingredients, in the heart of Soho. Hergatt quickly caught the eye — and palette — of many, impressively earning one Michelin star within the first year of opening. Known for his technically precise cooking and painterly presentations, chef Hergatt draws on the surroundings of the iconic Soho neighborhood to curate a culinary experience like no other. 246 Spring St, New York


New Michelin Star Restaurants in ManhattanPhoto Credit: Couresy of Kochi

With dishes inspired by traditional festival cuisine of the Korean royal court, Kochi has mastered the highest form of dining. In a sleek space in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, Kochi’s chef Sungchul Shim debuts a nine-course tasting menu of modern, skewered dishes, combining local and seasonal ingredients with French and Japanese techniques learned throughout his career. Royal-inspired delicacies include the steamed turbot with Korean mustard cream, gamtae, turbot mousse, and daikan, as well as the braised short rib made with soy mushroom broth, barley, and Korean pumpkin purée with the option of supplementing it with Périgord black truffle. 652 10th Ave, New York


New Michelin Star Restaurants in Manhattan
Lasagna for Two at Don Angie

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Don Angie

Don Angie is a West Village institution. Perhaps because of its acclaimed Lasagna for Two or its upscale take on Italian American comfort food, Don Angie has become a must-visit Michelin-starred restaurant in Manhattan. Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli in 2017, the intimate space exudes familiarity, warmly welcoming guests to indulge in Rito and Tacinelli’s passion for challenging conventional Italian American cuisine. Incorporating global flavors in subtle yet exhilarating ways, the menu offers a unique array of dishes, including the Prosciutto & Papaya Salad with tamarind, hazelnut, and sheep’s cheese; the Sorpresine & Smoked Mussels with peroni, pimenton, and cilantro macho; the Sourdough Pasta Cacciatore featuring mezcal-braised chicken, nduja, and Sicilian olives; and the Don Angie’s Fior Di Latte Mochi and Black Cocoa Tiramisu to end on a sweet note. 103 Greenwich Ave, New York