Haute Living Presents Aston Martin In The Neighborhood With Zuma Miami

Haute Residence presents its “In The Neighborhood” series at Aston Martin Residences with a conversation featuring Zuma Miami. The renowned Zuma team consists of Ivano G. (Director of Operations), Jillian Baez (Communications Manager), and Oliver Lange (Executive Chef of Zuma United States). The topics included Zuma’s 11 years of continuous success in Miami, the evolution of the downtown district, and welcoming Aston Martin to the neighborhood.

They were hosted by Haute Media Group Cofounder Seth Semilof. Watch the full webinar below.

Here are some of the questions and answers from the exclusive interview with Zuma.

Seth Semilof: You were the first in this neighborhood. Last year, you were celebrating your 10th anniversary. Tell us about the last 11 years being in Miami.

Zuma Team: At the time, downtown was a very different area. There wasn’t the volume of restaurants or residences you can see today. It has been incredible to watch the evolution of this area. As far as our business goes, the experience allowed us to streamline our operation: to refine, develop our business, and work on service and our products. We also you know believe that it is very important when you enter a market that you are able to adapt. It is really important to observe and learn.

SS: Before we came to Miami, everything was at the beach. You were the first to pick this area, which is downtown right on Biscayne. Tell us what it is like now seeing all these restaurants not go to the beach but come to the area that you chose before anyone else.

ZT: The Miami location was chosen before our time with the company. It was our creator and co-founder Rainer Becker who wanted to have a location by the waterside. Downtown, it is special. The accessibility, mobility, and modernity, it is unparalleled. It is the best area that is currently under development. It is greatly served by public transportation. It connects you to every part of the city.

SS: Tell us what makes your brunch so special and what makes it unique.

ZT: First of all, we are very proud of our branch offering. It has been in development for all these years, and we have achieved something which is quite challenging. To be known nationally for a specific product you are offering, in this case, this brunch, we have never stopped improving ourselves. When you come to Miami, the whole experience with the free flow of champagne, amazing counter offering with a lot of food, and all these chefs behind the kitchen is a lot of energy and action going on. We have a lot of sunning locations internationally, but the Miami location is the only one where you can arrive by boat. I do not think that many other restaurants have this opportunity, so it is something very unique.

SS: Tell us how important it is to build projects like the Aston Martin residences for a restaurant like yours to thrive.

ZT: From when we first broke ground for the construction to our time today, downtown has trusted people. The downtown skyline of the high-rise buildings were in existence but the resident part of it was much lower than what it is now. Residents coming in now bring this higher end touch that downtown much needed. Downtown’s development strategy for the area is unprecedented and we were right to be here 10 years ago, but I think we, even more right now, to continue to operate in such an incredible neighborhood.

SS: Where do you see Zuma in 10 years from today?

ZT: It is really important to focus on the brand. Sometimes when you open to so closely together, you can kind of cannibalize one another, so for now, we are going to focus on the launch of the remodel to make sure that we are hundred percent up to standards and focus on that. We think about anything in the local market, but who knows? In 10 years, you may see Zuma in all the major cities.

SS: How important is this neighborhood and the growth? You have been a staple in the neighborhood. What are your thoughts of that?

ZT: I have been in Miami for two years now and going to the restaurants, you always see a little bit of Zuma everywhere. That is the greatest feeling of pride because you inspire restaurateurs to do good by the work you put in every day. [Other restaurants] have their own concept. It is going very well and this is something very, very refreshing for us to see. It means we have become a landmark. We have been welcomed with open arms in Miami in downtown and now the same way that we have been welcome, we welcome Aston Martin here, the newest kids on the block.

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