Tourist Hotspots To Avoid In Europe (And What To See Instead)


Those destined for their first visit to Europe should avoid these tourist traps.

European travel is only available to a limited few. Europe is an expensive place and, if traveling from the USA, it can swallow up those travel savings before you’ve even left the airport.

With this in mind, avoiding tourist traps in the countries of Europe is a necessary evil for your traveling success. Make your money go farther by seeing these sights from a distance and doing something more culturally integral, instead.


What not to see in Europe


Here are some of the places in Europe that will eat up your travel budget faster than you can say “croissant.” Avoid them at all costs and replace them with better times, as described below.


1 – The Eiffel Tower


When you were Packing for Europe, did you throw in your extra-thick, fleece-lined jacket? If not, the Eiffel Tower is going to make you cold all over. It’s breezy up there, although admittedly, the view is neat. A nice idea is nothing compared to squeezing in among the 7 million average annual visitors you will have to contend with to get a peek from the top, though.


What to do instead of the Eiffel Tower?


Visit Saint Jacques Tower, instead. Then, you can have all the views with a lot more architecture and some stunning surroundings. It was built in a flamboyant gothic style in the 1500s, which briefs you on all you need to know.


2 – Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official residence in London. With half a million annual visitors inside and millions more passing by, even the queen gets bored of the constant thoroughfare around her property… and let’s not talk about the protests.


What to do instead of Buckingham Palace?


Scrap the London palaces altogether; they total almost 5 million annual visitors. Instead, head out of London. Head west rather and see the immaculate and impressive Highclere Castle. Built in 1679, Highclere is best known for being the location where they filmed Downton Abbey. So if you want to see luxury, this is where you go.


3 – The Colosseum, Italy


When coupled with the other most popular attraction in Rome – the Vatican – the colosseum takes an annual visitor average of 4 million people. It is the world’s 37th most visited location, but you can see it from far away without going inside.


What to do instead of the Colosseum?


Instead, head to the lesser-known Baths of Caracalla. This ancient Roman bathhouse was the second biggest building and excellent in the city. It was built between 212 and 216 AD, making it one of the oldest ruins in the world. At its height, it would have held about 1,600 bathers and would have seen use until the 6th century. 


Thinking of Travelling to Europe?


If you think you want to travel to Europe, take our advice and skip out on some of the busy sights. There is so much more to explore with just a little imagination.

Written in partnership with Aggrandize