The Unconventional Investments Of A Serial Entrepreneur

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Photo Credit: Sam Farao

Sam Farao is one of Norway’s most prominent serial entrepreneurs. He moves swiftly, from business idea to business idea, leaving profit and longevity in his wake. Sam’s endeavors range from affiliate marketing sites to substantial blockchain projects, and given his entrepreneurial diversity, it should come as no surprise that his investments bear signs of a similarly disruptive and yet strategic approach. By placing his bets unlike the others around him, Sam is able to maintain a competitive edge, even where his financial stakes are concerned.

An art enthusiast in entrepreneur’s clothing

Ask a young and successful businessman what he’d like to put his money into, and you’ll most probably get responses like fast cars, blinged-up watches, or any of the other luxury lifestyle accessories stereotypical of new money. Ask Sam, and the answer is simple: Art.  Entrepreneurs are creatives, after all, and Sam nurtures this aspect of his disposition by combining it with his keen eye for strategy and financial gain. He has a deep personal interest in art, and so he enjoys finding pieces that will profit him both inspirationally and professionally.

I mostly invest in art because of my personal interest. So when I find an artist I like, whose art resonates with me, I become an avid collector of their work. Additionally, art investments force me to buy directly from the artist. There are no middlemen, which I like.

One of these artists is the Norwegian painter and sculptor Bjarne Melgaard, who’s been compared to Edvard Munch in his importance to art in Norway. His pieces are dramatic, expressionistic, and explosive. Often highlighted by a simple phrase in Norwegian, they hold the potential for instantaneous connection –  one that Sam has certainly found. The art speaks to him, as do the works of Daniel Arsham, Andy Warhol, Banksy, Richard Orlinski, Martin Whatson, and Jackson Casady. They’re all part of Sam’s art portfolio, which he continues to expand and grow.

And his investments into creative fields don’t end with art. Sam’s also co-founder of the joint venture company House of Nia, a fashion collective powered by digital growth. Their first brand, Kayani, designed by Sonena Kayani Rahber gained considerable traction for the 2020 lounge collection that’s taking Norway by storm. Sam’s investment into the business is just another example of how he seeks out ways of reshaping the norm.

Investments across the chains

This serial investor’s fascination with the intersection between traditional and innovative is evident on the art front, too. Being a dedicated collector of physical art, and a serious blockchain enthusiast, the Swiss project Hashmasks appealed to Sam on a whole new level. 16,384 digital portraits created by several different artists – hosted and sold on the Ethereum blockchain. The pieces sold out over the course of just a few days. The most recent noteworthy sale of a Hashmask, in early February 2021, landed at just around $650.000. Sam is heavily invested in the project.

Decentralization isn’t just the future of finance – it’s the democratization and future of collectibles, too. The Hashmasks are as democratic an art investment as you’ll find; the value is not just determined by the creator, but by the consumer, too. It’s a living, breathing art market – that has the added benefit of being visually stunning.

And, of course, there are the seed investments – the bread-and-butter of any entrepreneur who’s serious about diversifying their portfolio. Among these projects is, which Sam is both a seed investor and an SEO advisor in, and that strives to take the online encyclopedia into the modern age. The project runs and operates on the blockchain, and is an entire ecosystem of sharing knowledge on connecting with others who share your interests. For-profit operated, and with former Wikipedia founder on the team, Everipedia also secured a deal with the Associated Press in October 2020, for the recording of the 2020 election results.

Standing on solid ground

The final field that Sam invests in is property. Everlasting, conventional, powerful. If there’s anything that’s stood the test of time where financial gain is concerned, it’s land and real estate. Again, it’s about capitalizing on opportunity, and in placing his funds somewhere they’ll develop upwards and onwards. A safe bet, sure – but one that’s both diverse and innovative, too. It’s a perfect parallel to Sam’s overall mindset: Set your sights high, and then work towards them. No matter how long it takes.

You invest to grow. By placing your money in profitable projects, that are well-researched and that you believe in, you’re going to see so much more return than by just leaving those assets in your bank account. I feel like that’s a golden rule, certainly, for me it is.

Property gives Sam one additional edge: Easily accessible capital. This asset works as the perfect safety net for his other, more daring investment ventures. If a project needs financing, this is his foundation, which he can draw from when he needs to. From cutting-edge art to traditional holdings, Sam has fine-tuned a sense for the projects that will turn a profit. Combining this with his own personal ethos of betting on the unconventional and the rebellious, he’s built a portfolio others should look to and draw investment inspiration from.

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 This interview was conducted by Synne Lindén