American Polo Player Nic Roldan Has “High Goals” For Newly Launched Gin

Diego Urrutia, Nic Roldan, and Matti Christian Anttila

Photo Credit: Juan Lamarca

Nic Roldan’s love for the classic spirit, gin, was born from his polo career in the United Kingdom where gin and polo go hand in hand. He wanted to bring that pair stateside and at a polo match in Wellington, FL, Co-Founder Diego Urrutia introduced Nic to Matti Christian Anttila, Co-Founder and CEO of Grain and Barrel Spirits, and thus, High Goal Luxury Gin was born. Inspired by the city where the gin is crafted, Charleston, SC, the spirit is infused with botanicals such as Meyers lemon, mint, juniper, and cardamom. A picture of luxury and refinement, High Goal Luxury Gin is the first American luxury gin to hit the market.

Recently, Co-Founder Nic Roldan answered a few of Haute Living’s questions about the gin and the luxury polo lifestyle it represents. 

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What reasons are behind launching High Goal Luxury Gin?

My co-founders, Matti Anttila, Diego Urrutia, and I saw an opportunity in the American gin space, specifically at the ultra-premium level. We believe that the sport of polo provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy an iconic spirit such as gin. 

What makes High Goal Luxury Gin different from other brands? 

Our aim has always been to dance to our own beat. High Goal Gin is unique in the gin space as it’s not as Juniper-forward as others on the market. It’s best enjoyed on the rocks, with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. Its smooth taste is considered by many to be more refreshing and easier to drink, and therefore, can be enjoyed by a demographic that may not necessarily have had gin on their radar.

Nic Roldan & Hannah Selleck Launch High Goal Luxury Gin at the Surf Club in Miami Beach, FL

Photo Credit: Michele Eve Photography

How does gin tie into polo? 

The aesthetic of gin and that of polo have always been intertwined. Both have an incredible heritage and are perfect partners to enjoy on a summer afternoon.

 What would you describe as the lifestyle of gin? 

I think gin is a wonderfully versatile drink, which can be enjoyed in a variety of scenarios and across a wide demographic, from a long drink along the sidelines of a polo field, to aboard a yacht, or as part of a spiked hot drink in a cabin whilst skiing.  

Photo Credit: Juan Lamarca

What entrepreneurial advice would you give for someone who wants to start their own company? 

I always encourage people to follow their dreams. Don’t let anything get in the way, slow you down, or steer you away from that pursuit. Starting a company of course requires extreme dedication, hard work, and tenacity, but both the rewards and lessons learned are exponential. Most importantly, have fun in the process and believe in what you do.

What would you tell someone who’s never tried gin?  

Try High Goal Gin! You won’t look back.

High Goal Luxury Gin can be found at The Surf Club Restaurant in Miami, FL and The Colony Hotel, Lola 41, Café l’Europe, La Goulue, Cuchina, and Almond in Palm Beach, FL. It is available online at their website here or through Passion Spirits, with many more online locations coming soon.